MBA505 Business Psychology, Coaching and Mentoring Assessment

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  • Subject Code: MBA505
  • Subject Name: Business Psychology, Coaching and Mentoring Assessment
  • Title: Using Coaching Tools- (Goal Setting and the GROW Model)
  • Assessment Type: Poster and In-Class Presentation 5 Minutes Poster (+/-10%) Word Count
  • presentation Weighting: 30 % Total Marks: 30

Assessment Description
“The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” — Michelangelo
This subject explores several useful approaches to support coaching and mentoring. The SMART and the GROW models are two of these. Being able to understand and apply models to support coaching others and to develop self-awareness of how to reach a long term goal is a key outcome of this subject.
This assessment is for you to apply coaching skills to your future, to enable you to start to move towards your plans. By doing this, you are learning how to coach others by first applying relevant skills to yourself.
Your Task
Identify a significant goal in the form of a job or aspiration you would like to be prepared for in 5 years and develop a plan to be able to coach yourself to achieve this goal. To set your goal, you may feel a specific job you have identified is the best thing to aim for, but an ambition to run a business venture of your own would also be appropriate.

Assessment Instructions
This assessment has two tasks: 1 – Create a 1-page poster A2 sized poster (which can be assembled from 4 A3 sheets) that presents:

1. A future goal, post your MBA studies, looking 5 or more years into the future. Use the SMART model to define your goal visually for your poster.

2. The skill development requirements of this goal, in other words, what do you need to achieve or master to get to your goal? What are the intermediate steps involved?

3. A personal coaching plan to reach this objective, with an application of the GROW model to explain how you will achieve your goal (clearly stating your goal, where you are at now, options to reach your goal and the actions needed to get there).
2 — Create a video in which you present your poster and describe your approach to reach your goal to your fellow students.


• The goal you have selected including the specific elements that make it SMART

• Why this goal is important to you and what skills you need to achieve this goal. • How you plan to achieve the goal, with an outline of some of the questions you would ask to coach yourself, and some approaches you can use to help you to achieve your goal • Briefly how goal setting theory is relevant to your work
This presentation should be recorded and uploaded on Monday in week 11 to be reviewed and shared in the Showcase class in Week 12. This is a powerful opportunity to teach and learn by exploring how to approach goal and the process to get there. The presentation recording should be about 5 minutes duration and you should expect to receive questions from your fellow students or your facilitator.
Further guidance: Poster Preparation

• A poster is a method of presenting your ideas to an audience in a visual 1-page format.

• As a poster presenter, you will have a unique opportunity to provide a well thought through explanation of your coaching goal as presented in your poster.