Essay Planner MIHM201 Assessment 2 Answers

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Research Paper

What is your chosen HR topic?

What theoretical constructs or key data will you be referencing that will draw the reader in?

What makes your chosen topic a HR challenge? In brief basic terms how does it impact the efficiency of a hospitality/tourism organisation?


What are the main ten peer review journal articles, white papers, government documents, websites I will be using?

What are the key points/sections I will be using from these articles/sources to highlight and analyse my chosen HR challenge?

Are there hospitality/tourism organisations which have initiatives or examples which can be referenced in connection to your research?

Hospitality/tourism examples which will highlight my challenge and compliment my research:

How does my HR Challenge impact the effective running of an organisation? How will I showcase these impacts with depth in my assessment?

Will I utilise data/tables/graphs/diagrams in my assignment? How do they highlight key points in my research?


What will be the key points I wish to summarise?

How will I reflect on what I have written?

How does this new knowledge effect my approach within the workplace from a HRM perspective?

PART 2 : Workforce Tool

What form of infographic will my workforce tool take?

How does my tool connect with my research paper topic?

What do I need to focus on to make sure my tool is professional and able to be used within industry?

Does my tool positively impact the organisation?

How will I embed my tool into my Research Paper (place a link in my paper, copy and paste it into the paper, email it to Lecturer)?