Reflection Writing


Assessment 1: Assessing ethical responsibilities of an organisation Overview
Length: 500 words (+/-10%)
Weight: 10%
Important note: If you would like information on assessment and word count guidelines, visit Assessment guidelines.
By behaving in accordance with high ethical standards, companies can strengthen the foundation for strategic decision-making.  By investigating an ethical incident from either within your own organisation or an incident that has been well publicised, you will develop your skills for discriminating between moral and ethical decision-making.
Reflect on your chosen incident. Additionally, reflect on your own beliefs about the ethical issues associated with both your selected industry and organisation, and with the western capitalist business system more broadly. Consider whether your own beliefs and that of your selected industry and organisation align.
This assessment supports unit learning outcomes 1, 2 and 3.
Your assessment submission should include a cover page.
The following steps will help you complete this assessment:
Describe the incident, clearly defining what occurred and why it raises an ethical dilemma. (150 words)
Identify the ethical issues which are, or should be, important and the implications for the organisation. (150 words)
Determine how your selected organisation could address the ethical issue you have identified through leveraging on corporate social responsibility (CSR). (200 words)