Essay Writing


HLT101: Task 3 -Intergenerational case studies

Select one to address in your essay


Case Study One

You are working in a general practice clinic for your placement. Marnie Boyd, 16, has come to see the GP as she has a urinary tract infection. The GP sends her to you to take a urine specimen and Marnie shares with you that she is 18 weeks pregnant.

Marnie hasn’t told her parents that she is pregnant and although usually a good student has been missing schooland falling behind with her studies

Case study two

You are working in a general practice for your placement when the GP sends Mrs Maria Collins over to your cubicle for an ECG. The ECG has been requested because she reported an episode of chest pain yesterday evening. She shares with you that she has been feeling stressed and anxious recently and hopes she is not having heart problems.

Maria is a carer for her elderly father Jack who lives next door and her daughter Cherry and 18 month-old grand-daughter Ellie have also recently moved back home after a relationship breakup.


Case Study Three

You are on a community placement, and you are visiting Mt Klaus Wagner who is an 83 year old man with a wound on his lower left leg that needs dressing. While you are visiting Mr Wagner, he mentions that he recently lost his wife to breast cancer.

He seems unable to recall what day of the week it is and reports he is having some memory problems. Mr Wagner has one daughter who lives interstate and works full time. He is unable to drive due to deteriorating eyesight.