Master Of Professional Accounting – Assignment -2 Answers


Accounting Theory and Applications (606)

  1. A) Two Individual Assignments– (Due by 30th December2022)

– Assignment 1 – Case Study of Accountability Theory and Informal Accounts

– Assignment 2 – Literature Reviews

Assignment 2: Literature Reviews

Review the following two articles as shown in the unit webpage.

Article 1 literature review: Lamberton, G. (2005). Sustainability accounting – a brief history and conceptual framework, Accounting Forum, 29(1), 7-26.

Article 2 literature review: DeZoort, T., Harrison, P. and Taylor, M. (2006). Accountability and auditor’s materiality judgements: The effects of differential pressure strength on conservatism, variability, and effort, Accounting, Organizations and Society, 31, 373-390.

You are required to answer:

(1)        Which article is of normative accounting theory, which one is of positive accounting theory. Why?

(2)        Which research is conceptual, which is empirical?

(3)        What is the contribution made by Lamberton (2005) (Article 1) to accounting knowledge? Make a brief explanation.

(You need to identify the old knowledge stated or implicated in this article, and then study what is the new knowledge that this article has achieved and presented).

You must submit a report to answer all these questions by Week 6. Your report should not contain more than 500 words.