Master Of Professional Accounting Assignment Answers


Principles of Accounting

  1. A) Assessment: Case study Individual (due 20th December 2022) 16 Marks

Word limit: 2,000 words

General requirements:

This case study assignment is individual based. Each student is to answer all of its required questions and then present their written work by specifically listing the headings as Case Study 1- Answer (a), Case Study 1 – Answer (b), etc.

The font type should be Times New Roman with a size of 12 and paragraph space 1.5.

Case Study 1: (page 194 of the prescribed text) – 8 marks

(Ethics andgovernance)

The impact of a bonus incentive scheme on the financial statements

Case Study 2: (page 358 of the prescribed text) – 8 marks

(Ethics and governance)