HLTINF001 Answers

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Your task is to write the answers to each of the following questions. Answers should exceed 40 words but no more than 100 words for each question:

  1. List three [3] reasons why standard precautions are essential.
  1. List four [4] work practices that the standard precautions for infection control in health care settings consist of.
  1. What are three [3] pieces of information that are important for hand washing?
  1. List two [2] tips for the use of gloves.
  1. List six [6] times hand hygiene should take place.
  1. List the correct five [5] step procedure for hand washing.
  1. What are the five [5] objects of wound dressings?
  1. List three [3] factors that may contribute to dermatitis.
  1. List three [3] guidelines to follow when using PPE.
  1. Give three [3] examples of personal protective items.
  1. A mask must do/not do what four [4] things?
  1. List five [5] things all eyewear must be.
  1. List three [3] reasons why general purpose gloves must be disposed of.
  1. List the three [3] key points for the proper use of personal protective equipment.
  1. List three [3] elements of respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette.
  1. Give four [4] examples of cleaning equipment that will require regular maintenance.
  1. What four [4] PPE is required to clean hazardous substances?
  1. List three [3] things that may determine the type of PPE to be worn when managing a blood or body fluid spill.
  1. Give four [4] examples of office practice environments.
  1. What are five [5] things special attention must be given to?
  1. List three [3] things a current cleaning policy will include.
  1. What are four [4] things that contaminated substances and appliances may include?
  1. List three [3] factors that should be considered when choosing appropriate cleaning agents.
  1. Explain the meaning of sterilisation.
  1. List three [3] types of bacterial infections and their signs and symptoms.
  1. List two [2] types of viruses that you may come across while working.
  1. What are the five [5] principles that apply to linen used for all patients?
  1. List three [3] types of clinical waste.
  1. What are the four [4] colours used for segregation of waste?
  1. What six [6] things does all waste need to be?
  1. List four [4] more modern techniques for handling disposal and transportation of waste.
  1. List the five [5] infection control terms you should understand.
  1. What are the two [2] categories of waste associated with sharps?
  1. List the three [3] main elements that infection requires.
  1. What two [2] things do you look at in a risk assessment?
  1. List the five [5] steps to risk assessment.
  1. List four [4] documents most healthcare worker might be required to complete.
  1. List four [4] things it is important for staff to have knowledge of.
  1. List the five [5] levels to the hierarchy of control.
  1. Give five [5] examples of common signs that may be seen in the healthcare environment.