Assessment Title: Sustainability in Hospitality Industry

Words limit: 1500 words

Assessment instructions:

As managers, we need to understand trends within the creative industry and what this means forour marketing approach. There will be many new opportunities, new challenges and constantchanges.You are asked to write an article for a marketing magazine or a marketing blog to explore amarketing topic of your choice.

What you need to do:

1.) Read the article:

Digital Arts Staff, Creative trends for a roaring 2020, January 2020

Choose the contribution that resonates most with you from the list below.

o Flo Lau

o Andy Payne

o Caroline Paris

o Sadie Westwood

o Thibault Michal

o James Ramsden

Contribution of Sadie Westwood, Business Director, 23red is chosen already. The article related to Sadie Westwood highlights climate change, sustainability and diversity which is why I chose the title of my topic.

Three sources to be used – these are important sources for my topic

Ho, C.Y., Tsai, B.H., Chen, C.S. and Lu, M.T., 2021. Exploring green marketing orientations toward sustainability the hospitality industry in the COVID-19 pandemic. Sustainability, 13(8), p.4348. Because this paper points about Green Marketing.

Ertuna, B., Karatas-Ozkan, M. and Yamak, S., 2019. Diffusion of sustainability and CSR discourse in hospitality industry: Dynamics of local context. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management. Because this paper highlights about CSR which is a part of Sustainability.

Jones, P. and Comfort, D., 2020. The COVID-19 crisis and sustainability in the hospitality industry. International journal of contemporary hospitality management. Because this journal links relation  between sustainability and hospitality industry affected by covid crisis.

2.) Clearly identify the marketing topic of the chosen contribution and create a title accordingly. The lead question is: How important is [this topic] for marketing in the roaring 2020s?

3.) Conduct further research:

o Research at least 10 independent resources to further deepen your understanding of the topic.

o Investigate how this topic translates into the hospitality industry, e.g., by researching literature or by finding examples.

o The lead article was published in January 2020; discuss how the relevance of your chosen topic for marketing in the 2020s has been impacted by the disruption of the COVID 19 pandemic.

4.) Write an article for a marketing magazine or a marketing blog.

You need to:

o Cover the point of view of the original contribution.

o Give further insight into the topic based on your research.

o Show how the marketing topic relates to the hospitality industry.

o Discuss pros and cons, supported by your research.

o Discuss whether and how the relevance of the marketing topic has been impacted by


o Clearly state your point of view to the lead question and back it up with a strong argument.

o Present your work in a professional, easy to read format, use headlines and sub-headlines

and visual elements.

o A magazine or blog article should strive to be highly educational, yet engaging and


Lecturer comment

Title Page Yes

Executive Summary No

Table of Contents No

Introduction Yes

Body Yes – Blog layout and format

Conclusion Yes

Reference List Yes

Appendices No

Specific line spacing No

Specific margins No

Min/max references Yes  – Minimum 10 references

Calibre of references Yes –  At least 5 references must be academic

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