How to Make CDR for Engineers Australia

Is there any question in your mind? Like how to make CDR for Engineers Australia? CDRs (Competency Demonstration Report) are the wings to fly to Australia to have a dream engineer career. The competency demonstration report illustrates the skills of the aspiring engineers for approval.  Engineers Australia (EA) is the governing body for the support of stories set up by the Australian Government.  It comprises of the best of Australian engineers of various domains to approve the reports of the aspiring engineers around the world. The statement is only accepted if they are on par with the higher education of the Australian standards. Hence a proper understanding of the requirements and specifications of the EA is critical for an engineering career in Australia.

Making CDR for Migration Skills Assessment

MSA or the Migrations Skill Assessment released by the EA contains the original specifications to be followed by the engineers who seek a job in Australia. It provides all the necessities a complete CDR requires. Hence it is considered as the guide and bible of all report writers. It is also periodically updated as per the need and requirement by the EA. It does not provide any pre-assessment services, and it is only the applicant’s responsibility to find a way with the MSA guidelines. However, for a novice young engineer who is skilled enough with engineering skills will find it challenging to understand the MSA guidelines.

The following are the easy illustrations of MSA for writing reports for approval from EA:

MSA classifies the qualifications as Accredited and non-accredited qualifications.

Accredited qualifications are those academic qualifications obtained from the accord signatory countries.  It includes Washington, Dublin, and Sydney accords, which include countries like the

  • USA (United States of America)
  • UK (United Kingdom)
  • Canada and
  • New Zealand (NZ)

 However, here also only the accredited university degree of the respective country’s academic qualification is valid and should be on the year of signing and after it.  All other engineers from other countries need competency reports to prove their skills for working as an engineer in Australia.

Academic Requirements for Making CDR for Australia

The competency reports are based primarily on the undergraduate qualification of the aspiring engineer. It should be following the definitions of the Anzsco (Australia New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations).  All skilled engineering occupation has a specific Anzsco code and its descriptions and specifications.   Apart from the undergraduate course, the report should consist of the demonstrated undergraduate competencies. The CDR should have documentary proof of both these as the essential requirement for approval.

To Get CDR Assessment, you should have below degree

  1. Diploma (for Engineering Technologist)
  2. Tech (Professional Engineer)

How CDR should be Made to get assessed by EA?

What are the fundamental constituents of the competency demonstration report?

There are four primary constituents of all CDRs, which are:

  • Three Career Episode Reports
  • Summary Statement Report
  • CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

It should be his experiences of proving the undergraduate competencies in his own words.  EA being an experienced approving authority checking reports daily will quickly find out if there is any discrepancy or third-party intervention in the writing of the report. How to select three (3) project reports for Engineers Australia? If you want to go for academic CDR then you have to choose three projects from your academic. It may be your university final year projects, mini projects or internship program project. If you want to get working experience CDR then you have to use project while working in some company and make sure that you have offer/experience letter from that company for that profile (projects). All guidelines and instructions are mentioned in MSA guidelines.

Three Career Episode Reports for Engineers Australia

The three career episode reports are the backbone of any competency report.  It contains the skills of the aspiring engineer during his under graduation and the period till CDR application.  It should portray the skills in such a manner it is taken on par with the higher qualifications of the Australian academic standards.  Hence the three reports should contain individual capabilities rather than group or project details.  It should be showing the skill of the engineer that helped in the completion of the project or a problem solved issue.

Summary Statement Report for Engineers Australia

Career episode reports should be appropriately numbered as 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 3.1, and so on. Only then the summary report will be of great help to EA to cross check the credentials of the engineer. Hence summary report will be a referral for the skills of the engineer.

All the above will make CDRs of aspiring engineer for easy approval from EA fa successful and happy engineering career in Australia. By now, you would get the answer for your question how to make CDR for Engineer Australia.

CPD for Engineers Australia

CPD is a one-sheet document in A4 size, and it should crystal portray the engineering skills been pursued until the submission of CDR.  It should contain the skills with proof.