Operations Management Assignment


Assignment – Abu Dhabi 2019

Your report should address the following tasks:

  • Choose an Organisation of your choice (Manufacturing or Service), where you believe operations management plays an important role in the Organization’s competitiveness. The organization can be either a domestic or an International or Multinational or Global Organization operating from any part of the globe.
  • It is enough if you take up the organization’s operations of any one market.
  • For your chosen organisation, observe and understand the operations strategy that has been employed, its supply chain management.
  • Critically evaluate its current operations and effectiveness of the SCM in terms of its contribution to business success, Quality Management and sustainability.
  • Analyse and explain the internal and external factors (SWOT) that impact the success of operations management in your chosen organization.
  • Apply and explain the contribution, impact of the five performance objectives (speed, cost, quality, reliability, flexibility) on your chosen organisation’s operations that could translate into overall business success.
  • Suggestions for improving upon the current position in case the organization is not doing well.
  • In case the organization is doing good, ways and means to take the organization’s position to the next level and future strategies.

Your assignment should be prepared and presented in a report format which indicates and provide the following contents:

  1. Executive Summary and Introduction, which should discuss the overall concept of operations management in the given organization and how it plays a significant role in the Organization’s competitiveness. è(20 % WORD COUNT)
  2. Overall critical evaluation of the chosen organization’s operations strategy, its supply chain management and its effectiveness in the context of the organization’s business success, Quality Management, Sustainability. è(20 % WORD COUNT)
  1. Analysis and explanation of the internal and external factors(SWOT)that impact the success of operations management in the chosen organization with sufficient usage of the quality tools and concepts of operations management process. (25% WORD COUNT)
  2. Critically apply and explain the impact of the five performance objectives (Quality, cost, speed, reliability, flexibility) that are to be explained in the context of their contribution, impact on the chosen organization’s operations and overall business success. è(20 % WORD COUNT)
  3. Current position and recommendations to improve, future strategies(10% WORD COUNT)
  4. Conclusion.(5% WORD COUNT)