General instructions/Guidelines for the assignment:

  1. Assignments should be submitted via the official portal of MSBM only as Microsoft word document (.doc or .docx), and Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx), Assignments submitted via other means will not be considered.
  2. Kindly adhere to the format requirements (Essay, Memo, Letter, Report, Research, Presentation etc.) and submit the assignment as per the instructions given.
  3. Make sure to write your full name and correct the Programme/Module name using the official OTHM/MSBM Title page.
  4. The Word count for each task must match the required word count for that task. If the word count is provided only for the entire assignment and not task by task or question by question. You can choose the word count of each task/question, however, the entire assignment should adhere to the word count limit.
  5. The word count of 2000-2500 words will apply where the assignment has not mentioned any word count.  You could lose marks if you write 10% more or less than this.
  6. Submit only the completed assignment that will include all the tasks and each task must answer all the instructions within that task.
  7. Assignments will be reviewed only if they are completed with all the tasks/questions. Please do not send each task/question separately.
  8. All documents will be checked for plagiarism. Any report found to be plagiarised for more than 15% would be rejected immediately. You can request a scan before submitting the assignment to know if you need to rephrase some parts of the assignment.
  9. Make sure to insert correct in-text citations when drafting an assignment and a list of references as per the Harvard Referencing Style is to be provided at the end of the whole assignment. (Not end of each task)
  10. There should be at least 18 referred sources for your assignment. All sources must be mentioned in the in-text citation and the reference list. If there in-text citation and references do not match, the institute reserve the right to reject the assignment.
  11. All assignments will be sent for review and until the assignment status shows “Completed”, kindly keep checking for feedback and do the needful accordingly.
  12. Assignments should be saved as; Programme Name _ (Candidate Full Name) _ (Candidate Code)_(Unit Abbreviation). i.e. MBA_ John Smith_00123456_ ABRM


Task 1 of 1 – Business Report

You have been employed by a large auditing firm as a senior audit practitioner. The audit firm specialises in audit and assurance services across a relatively large geographic area.

You have been asked to prepare a business report to be presented to new members of the audit firm.
You are required to include the following information in your business report.

  1. An assessment of historic and current auditing processes and procedures. You are advised to include practical examples based on an audit firm you have researched.
  2. An explanation of the rules of professional conduct for auditors.
  3. A critical assessment of the rules of professional conduct for auditors.
  4. An assessment of current developments in auditing.
  5. An assessment of the importance of the current development in audit processes.
  6. An explanation of legal and professional requirements when completing an audit.
  7. An evaluation of the importance of legal and professional requirements for auditors on the performance of an audit being completed.
  8. An analysis of audit strategies used in business organisations.
  9. An assessment of the effectiveness of audit monitoring processes.
  10. A discussion of the risk involved in the audit process and an analysis of measures to minimize identified risk.
  11. An explanation of the link between accounts preparation and audit completed.


• 1x Business Report


• 1x Business Report – 4500 words

A comprehensive Harvard style reference list must be included at the end of the work that represents the in-text citations used in reference to the published work. (both in-text citations and Reference list is required)
This assignment requires 18-20 different referred sources. Please use sources that are new and updated and avoid utilizing sources that are not more than 3 years old.

Evidence to be submitted:
• Business Report – 4500 words