POLS 219 Globalization Economics Assignment Answers



A Rising Tide or a Widening Gap? The Effects of Economic Globalization.


  1. Why is there such dramatic disagreement?
  1. What has been the impact of neoliberal economic policies on global development?
  1. As you will recall from our discussion of colonialism, European countries subordinated much of the world’s population to regimes today – the name given to the world’s elite economic club of nations, which are all from the Global North – does not function in exactly the same way, some critics.
  1. Written in 1847 by the German political radicals Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, their famous Communist Manifesto captures the qualitative shift in social relations that pushed globalization to a new level in the modern period.
  1. How exactly has globalization accelerated in these last three decades?
  1. What dimensions of human activity have been most affected by globalization? Is contemporary globalization a good or a bad thing?
  1. Greek National Debt: who are the creditors?
  1. The demise of the nation-state?