MGT 3113 Operations Management Group Assignment Answers


Words: 2500

Discuss and review the bellow questions:

  1. What three levels of planning involve operations managers? What kinds of decisions are made at the various levels?
  1. What are the three phases of intermediate planning?
  1. What is aggregate planning? What is its purpose?
  1. Why is there a need for aggregate planning?
  1. Briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each of these planning strategies

(a) Maintain a level rate of output and let inventories absorb fluctuations in demand

(b) Vary the size of the workforce to correspond to predicted changes in demand requirements

(c) Maintain a constant workforce size, but vary hours worked to correspond to predicted demand requirements

  1. What are the inputs to master scheduling? What are the outputs?
  1. Explain the managerial significance of aggregate planning
  1. Name several behaviors related to aggregate planning and master scheduling that you believe would be unethical, and the ethical principles that would be violated for each.