MGN101 Business Organisation and Management  Online Assignment 2 – LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY

Assignment Details:

  • Words: 1200
  • Course Code: MGN101
  • Course Title: Business Organisation and Management


To check thedescriptive as well as the analytical knowledge Given below are a number of real-life situations.You are required to:

Think through each one and explain how you as the manager might best handle the discussion with your member of sta­ff.

Situation 1

One of your employees, who is hard-working and attentivewith tasks, continually arrives late for work. This is the sixth time this has happened. The person’s excuse is that they have to take their child to nursery because they are getting divorced and their spouse refuses to do this task.

Situation 2

You receive a complaint from one of your female employees who claims to have accidently found objectionable material on the PC of another employee and finds this offensive.

Situation 3

One of your permanent employees has been accused of assaulting another member of staff who works in thesame organisation but as a temporary/contractual employee

Situation 4

You overhear a junior employee of your department comment about you that ‘he/she has no idea of the technical complexity of my work . . . I don’t know how he/she can manage a department like this!’

Situation 5

A key client calls you to complain about sarcastic and impatient comments made by one of your more experienced technicians. You know this person has been working long hours, achieving excellent results and is clearly committed to their joband the department. in fact, you have recently promoted the technician for these very reasons.

Situation 6

In a recent management meeting, a relatively new colleague repeatedly contradicted you and appeared to be ‘scoring points’ at your expense. Although the colleague had made some valid, even sharp comments, it is not exactly helping your relationship get off to an encouraging start. Furthermore, this has happened on a previous occasion.


*Kindly read the roles of Mintzberg, functions of manager, managerial roles, leadership roles, planning for this assignment

Each situation is of 5 marks and the solution should constitute of the following (100 to 200 words each situation):Explain managerial role according to Mintzberg and skills that would be required for handling each situation.

Which managerial/leadership style/approach will you use to solve the situation and why?

What shall be your plan of action for resolving each situation?

To avoid further situations like this, what will be your suggestions/recommendations for the organization?


Total six situations of 5 marks each (5 * 6= 30 marks)


Completing this exercise should help the student to enhance the following skills:­ Act in the role of the manager to handle a number of real-life situations.

­ Conduct management–sta­ff interviews and discussions.

­ Review critically the ability to deal with emotionally difficult situations.

Management and leadership style, roles and skills of managers