INTL 303 Assignment Research on International Financial Institutions and Trade Finance


You will be required to do the following:

  1. Evaluate the financial need of your MNC and choose the most cost-effective way to finance your purchase.

  1. Examine the existing markets and evaluate the strengths and weakness of your MNC.

  1. Analyze the risk of entering a foreign market.

  1. Conduct a research and review the performance of your MNC, the corporation stock being monitored over the last 2 years and monitor the stock for the last 12 months.

  1. Explain the performance of the corporation and why it performs well or poorly relative to the overall market index.

  1. Research and explanations should provide some insight into what is driving the valuation of a corporation over time and how the MNC protects its value.

  1. Conduct corporation research on sites like:, Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, Market Watch, Morning star, Seeking Alpha, Financial Post, and Bloomberg.

Overview of the Corporation

(A) Provide an overview of the corporation to include but not limited to, when and how it was incorporated, by whom, the board of directors, specific interest of the corporation, its headquarters, size, regions of operation and strength in the market.

(B) The MNC wants to expand its product line in Canada. Choose a product that you can adopt to extend the MNC’s product line and explain your reasons for choosing the product. (For example, Aldo sells shoes and accessories and could extend their product line to include perfume). You can purchase a product or raw material to produce a product.

(C) Explain the gap (the need for the product, support your argument) in the market.

(D) Explain the potential for growth (why do you think the product will sell well in the Canadian market, support your arguments).

(E) Discuss if the corporation has a competitor (identify your competitors and discuss your competitive advantage).

(F) Provide an overview of the supplier and why you chose the supplier (identify a supplier in a foreign country and discuss why you chose the supplier).