MCR004ABC Accounting Systems & Processes – Slides/PPTs Presentation

5% Class Group Presentation         Semester 3, 2019

  1. Group Presentation Due Date and Submission details

As per the subject description, in class group presentation constitutes 10% per cent of the total assessment in this subject. Due date is week 10 and week 11 in class in the following time:

MCR004A 9.30am to 11.30am (Week 10 & Week 11)

MCR004B 12.45pm to 2.45pm (week 10 & week 11)

MCR004C 7pm to 9pm (Week 10 & Week 11)

Individual group presentation topic will be allocated in week 6

Note: after week 6, Presentation group making will reduce 5% mark per week.

Individual group presentation time will be allocated in week 9.

Students are required to complete the assessment in group of five and do not have an automatic entitlement to adopt some other arrangements without prior permission from the lecturer.

Each group need to follow the presentation assessment criteria (3) & (7) and each member of the group needs to give presentation. PowerPoint slides (six slides in one page) need to submit in the presentation time in class before presentation.

  1. Objective

MCR004ABC covers a range of important theory and practice of Fundamental of Accounting Process and Systems. The main purpose of this assessment is to provide students with the opportunity to consolidate and extend their understanding in connection with the important issues in Accounting Systems and process.

  1. Assessment criteria

In assessing presentation consideration will be given to overall neatness, completeness and quality of presentation, timeliness of submission and demonstrated application of appropriate issues in Accounting Systems and Process. In assessing the presentation the following criteria including marking criteria (section 7) would be strictly followed.


Presentations are expected to be made in a clear, concise and understandable manner. It is required that an outline be made at the inception of the presentation to show introduction, body and conclusion of the presentation. Presenters’ ability to comply with the outline will be assessed.

Presentation Tools

It is required that Slides must be used. Non-compliance will result in a fail grade. Other visual aids are encouraged to be used (i.e. charts, graph etc).


Students should comply with the duration requirement as per unit outline. The presentation time should not exceed 10 minutes. Presentation too long or too short will be penalised.

  1. Group Presentation Topic:

Each group needs to select a topic of interest from section 2.5 of the subject outline (Topics are listed below) and also need to select a listed company from ASX 500 top listed. Presentation must have includes: (a) Over view of the selected company (5 Slides only) and (b) explanation of the selected topic (10 slides). Company selection and topic selection should be done in class in week 6 & week 7.



Presentation topics:

  • Conceptual Framework
  • Accounting Regulatory Body: AASB
  • Company Regulatory Body: ASIC
  • Accrual accounting concept
  • Inventories: Perpetual method and Periodic method
  • Accounting for current assets
  • Accounting for non-current assets

  1. Plagiarism

Taking another person’s ideas, words or inventions and presenting them as your own without acknowledging your sources (citing or referencing), is plagiarism. Paraphrasing or rewording another person’s work, without acknowledging its source, is also plagiarism. If you are identified with plagiarism assessment mark will be zero.


  1. Referencing

Correct referencing is important for two main reasons. The first is to enable the reader to access source material you have relied upon, should they care to. The other is to ensure that you have properly recognized the contribution of the work of others to your assignment. If you do not do this properly, you are engaging in plagiarism—the theft, intentional or otherwise, of the intellectual or creative work of others.

UBBS will not tolerate plagiarism. It is therefore important that you understand how to avoid it. It is important that you adopt a consistent, and adequate, referencing system. Reference should be used Herbert Style. Please read the referencing notes from Moodle.




  1. Marking Criteria Format


                        Excellent             Good                   Satisfactory      Unsatisfactory




Keeps a clear focus on the topic. Suitable length


All group members participated equally

Clear focus but the topic is not appropriate, however it has suitable length and all the group member participated Sometimes loses focus on the topic. Suitable length

Some group members contributed more than others

Often loses focus on the topic. Too long or too short.

Some group members did not participate or understand the presentation

Organisation of information


Organization shows considerable thought and planning Information is well organized easy to follow. Information is somewhat organized. Information is not well organized.
Quality of content





Written/visual materials are meticulously and imaginatively prepared. Content is very informative, interesting & accurate Written/visual materials are meticulously and imaginatively prepared.

Most of the information is very informative, with correct spelling.

Written/visual materials are generally adequately prepared but contain some typographic errors. Contains an acceptable amount of information, most detail was accurate and relevant, with correct spelling. Written/visual materials are poorly prepared and may be illegible in places. Writing does not flow well, and there are some errors in grammar and punctuation.
Physical aspects





Variability in clear tone and expression clearly linked to subject matter.

Suitable volume for the environment.

Some variability in clear tone and expression linked to subject matter.

Suitable volume for the environment.

Mostly clear, but somewhat lacking in variability of tone and expression. Suitable volume for the environment.


Lacks clarity.

Monotonous and lacking in expression.

Volume inappropriate for the environment

Physical aspects




Very well-paced verbal delivery with good use of pauses.


Well-paced verbal delivery with some use of pauses.


Mostly well-paced verbal delivery.


Pace of verbal delivery too fast or too slow
Audience aspects





Captures audience attention.  Takes charge of the session and exhibits ‘presence’. Appears calm and confident Captures audience attention, exhibits ‘presence’

Some lack calmness/confidence


Audience mostly attentive.

Some ‘presence’ apparent.

Quite nervous.

Lacking in presence, nervousness inhibiting delivery
Audience aspects




Audience is engaged by use of a wide range of devices Audience is engaged by a limited range of devices Limited audience engagement. Almost total reliance on one device or frequently looks at screen. Presentation consists almost entirely of reading from a script with little/no reference to audience