FdSc Nursing Associate -TNA5001 Advancing Clinical Skills

FdSc Nursing Associate -Assignment Brief- Level 5




TNA5001 Advancing Clinical Skills, Knowledge and Leadership in Healthcare


Learning Outcomes





Module Learning outcomes:
1.    Critically analyse your personal and professional development through reflecting on your evidence based clinical skills, knowledge and decision making in practice.
2.    Analyse and apply leadership and change management theories and principles to your clinical practice.
3.    Explain how communication methods and the concepts of professionalism and interdisciplinary working contribute to effective leadership.
Assignment Written account
Assignment Title Leadership and professional development
Submission Date 27/02/20

Assignment Brief


How to Structure your assignment

Introduction 10% (300 words)


The introduction is the paragraph that opens your assignment. Just by reading your introduction the reader should know exactly what to expect in the rest of your essay
Main body 1 25% (750 words)


In this section, you need to explain how communication methods and concepts of professionalism and interdisciplinary working contributes to effective team work and leadership.

·         Discuss in third person the concepts of effective communication in teams and the theories and principles that support effective team working.

·         In your discussion include information relating to managing conflict and escalation of concerns

·         Remember to reference all of your ideas and key points



Main body 2 30%

(900 words)











 Analyse and apply leadership and change management theories and principles to your clinical practice.

·         In first person, discuss an area of practice that you have changed or would like to change in your clinical area

·         Eg, patient service user feedback: encouraging service users to give feedback to improve practice and care delivery, what is it you need to change and why? Ask yourself the question, could we do things better or differently to improve the service.

·         Analyse the change you have made and link to leadership and change management theory. This could be in first or third person

·         Explain the impact of your change and how did this contribute to service improvement? . This could be in first or third person

·         Please reference your discussion with relevant references




Main body 3 20%(600 words)











In first person, critically analyse your personal and professional development through reflecting on your evidence based clinical skills, knowledge and decision-making.

·         In this section, you should use a reflective model to guide you through the reflective process.

·         Please discuss and critically analyse an element of your practice that has significantly improved since you began the course. For example, recognising a deteriorating patient or managing a group of patients.

·         Reflect on your development through the first year of the course and using your chosen model identify what you feel your areas of key development have been and identify at least one area for further development in your second year.

Please use relevant references


Conclusion 10-15% (300-450 words)






In third person, the conclusion is the paragraph that closes or ‘wraps up’ your assignment. Your conclusion should not include any references or new material. Inclusion of references in your conclusion suggests that you have not completed your discussion. Your conclusion should summarise the discussions or arguments put forward in the main body of your work.

For example:

A good way to start your conclusion is to use the phrase:

‘To conclude…….’

Other factors to consider when writing your conclusion:

·         Refer directly back to the assignment question

·         Ask yourself what are the most important things you have discovered about the topic and summarise your thoughts

·         What is your view of the evidence /arguments you’ve presented?

·         What recommendations would you make?



Confidentiality must be maintained at all times.  Failure to do so will result in a technical fail with a mark of 1% being awarded.

If you refer to a patient/client/Trust by name a pseudonym (made up name) must be used and identified as such by including a clear statement to that effect. Using references that identify your work base should not be directly used within the text.


Structure and Presentation of your assignment:
·         Please ensure that you include an electronic submission front sheet with your student number, the module code and the module title
  • Please submit your work as one word document, cut and paste the front sheet to the assignment
  • Please use double line spacing and Arial font size 12
·         Please state your actual word count rather than the required word count You are permitted to use up to 10% of the word count e.g. 3300 words but this includes all of your in text references.(Your reference list is not included in your word count)
·         Please ensure that you adhere to the Harvard-style referencing system.  Guidance on this is available to download from the library website.



The marking for your written account is based upon the standard faculty criteria for Level 4 which can be found in your module guide



The submission date of your written account via electronic submission, will be on:  Thursday 27th Feb 2020 by 12 midday.


  • Assessments submitted up to 1 hour after the published deadline will receive no penalty. This will ensure that students will not be unfairly penalised for any slowing of systems around deadlines. Please note you should still aim to upload by the published deadline.
  • Assessments submitted between 1 and 24 hours after the published deadline will be reduced by 5% of actual mark. For example, an original mark of 60% will be reduced by 3% to a mark of 57%.
  • Assessments submitted between 24 hours and 1 week (5 working days) after the published deadline will be reduced by 10% of actual mark. For example, an original mark of 60% will be reduced by 6% to a mark of 54%.

Any work submitted more than 1 week (5 working days) after the published deadline will continue to not be marked, resulting in a fail for the assessment.



At the first assessment attempt, the full range of marks is available. 

At the re-assessment attempt the mark is capped.  The maximum mark that can be achieved is 40%


Date of publication of provisional mark with feedback: 26/03/20


NB: You will be permitted two attempts at this assignment (under SUAR 5 assessment regulations). 

The resubmission date for the assignment is: 23/04/20 with feedback given on 21/05/20


Following a failure grade your module tutor will offer to meet with you to discuss the retrieval of your fail grade.  On-going one to one support will be offered to enable you to achieve the assessment criteria for this module.



Exceptional circumstance

You must submit the Request for Consideration of Exceptional Circumstances form to the Complaints and Appeals department AT LEAST SEVEN WORKING DAYS BEFORE THE DATE OF THE ASSESSMENT / DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION. If you have exceptional issues or problems in the seven working days before your coursework is due, or on the day that your coursework or examination is due, you may still make a request up to the assessment deadline. However, you MUST provide a satisfactory explanation; for example a sudden illness, for why you did not claim within the timescale required. Failure to have understood the process and timescales involved WILL NOT be accepted as a reason why you have not adhered to the deadline given above.