Marketing Principles Assignment


You are employed as a manager in a medium size business which is a limited company and has ambitions to expand. The Managing Director (MD) of the organisation is not a marketing professional and does not have a good understanding of the role of marketing in business. He knows from your CV that you have studied marketing principles and practice and he is keen to use your understanding and skills.  At a meeting with the MD you are asked to complete the following tasks.

Task 1

Your first task is to help him understand the role of marketing in business. You need to explain to the MD what marketing is and the role it plays in the achievement of business objectives. You have decided to produce a file which addresses each of the topics listed below. You will present the file at your next meeting with the MD. In your file you will include:

  • an analysis of the role of marketing in the achievement of business objectives (AC1.1)
  • an analysis of the external factors influencing marketing in business (AC1.2)
  • an assessment of the role of marketing in not for profit organisations (AC1.3)

Merit Task

To achieve a Merit, you must add to your file an analysis of how a marketing strategy supports the sales function in businesses.   (AC1M1)


Task 2

Following a successful meeting with the MD, who was delighted with the file and your analyses, you have been asked to prepare a presentation for the Board of Directors, so they understand the principles of marketing.  This will show how marketing will equip the management of the business with more effective tools. The MD wishes to see the materials before they are used at the Board Meeting. He has also made it clear that, as the Board members are involved with other activities outside of the business and are busy, the presentation must include slides and an accompanying handout that they can read following the meeting. The presentation and handout must cover the following.

  • an analysis of the different elements of the marketing process (AC2.1)
  • an explanation of the methods of segmenting markets (AC2.2)
  • an analysis of the principles of digital marketing. (AC2.3)

Merit Task

To achieve a Merit, the presentation and handout must include an evaluation of the benefits of segmenting markets. (AC2M1)

Distinction Task

To achieve a Distinction, the presentation and handout must include an analysis of the challenges businesses face to market effectively. (AC2D1)

Task 3

Your work and the meeting which followed could not have gone better!  The Managing Director has revised your job description and given you particular responsibility for marketing the business. He has allocated three employees to assist you.  The employees are new to marketing, so you decide to produce a training pack for them to help them understand how they might apply different marketing methods. In the pack you should:

  • analyse different methods of researching a market (AC3.1)
  • evaluate the use of the different channels for digital marketing (AC3.2)

Distinction Task

To achieve a Distinction, the training pack must include a proposal for ways in which the current challenges for digital marketing could be overcome or mitigated. (AC3D1).

Task 4

The Board of Directors is delighted that marketing is now a key function in the business and there is a marketing expert of your calibre, who can advise them on how marketing could revolutionise the business! You have been asked to develop a marketing plan for a specific product or service. This plan must include the following sections:

  1. The proposed strategic objectives for the plan (AC4.1)
  2. A determination of target market/s for the selected product or service (AC4.2)
  3. A consideration of factors which will be relevant to the implementation of the plan. (AC4.3)


Guidelines for assessors

The assignments submitted by learners must achieve the learning outcomes and meet the standards specified by the assessment criteria for the unit.  The suggested evidence below is how learners can demonstrate that they have met the required standard.



LOs and
Suggested evidence
Suggested evidence MERIT Suggested evidence DISTINCTION
1 LO1

AC 1.1, 1.2, 1.3,


The learner must produce a detailed and clearly written file in a style appropriate for review by the Managing Director of a business.

AC1.1 The file should demonstrate that the learner has an understanding of how marketing supports the achievement of business objectives, how new products are introduced, how the company decides to enter a new market, expand market share, increase sales and how that can lead to an increase in profits.

AC1.2 The learner must also analyse how external factors such as political, economic, social, technological, pressure groups and competitors will influence marketing. The learner should use appropriate tools and/or frameworks to complete this analysis.

AC1.3 The learner should demonstrate understanding of the purpose and nature of marketing in not for profit organisation.

AC1M1 For a Merit, the learner must break down into component parts and examine how a marketing strategy supports the sales function. This analysis will be wide ranging and show the interdependency of marketing and sales.  
2 LO2

AC 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2M1, 2D1

The slides and handout must be produced in an appropriate style and format for the intended audience and for the user.

AC 2.1 The learner must demonstrate an understanding of the principles of marketing.  This will be achieved by a full, in depth breakdown and examination of the elements of the marketing process and of the principles of digital marketing. The analysis must include relevant examples to illustrate the points which are made and show their application in business.

AC 2.2 The learner will clearly explain commonly used ways to divide markets into groups which can be targeted differently by different marketing strategies.

AC 2.3 The learner should provide a breakdown and analysis of all the key principles in digital marketing.


AC2M1 For a Merit, there should be a balanced evaluation of the benefits and drawbacks of segmentation.  Exemplar material will show application of segmentation.


AC2D1 For a Distinction, the learner will produce a detailed analysis of the challenges organisations face in marketing.  The learner should use exemplar material to illustrate the points made.
3 LO3

AC 3.1, 3.2 3M1, 3D1

The training pack must be produced in an accessible and professional format for colleagues.

AC3.1 and AC3.2 The pack will include a detailed breakdown and examination of common methods for researching a market, and a reasoned evaluation of the different channels commonly used for e-marketing.  The evaluation should lead to judgements


  AC3D1 For a Distinction, learners will propose a range of specific and realistic methods to overcome the identified challenges of digital marketing.


4 LO4

AC 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4M1

The learner will develop a marketing plan for the specific product or service chosen. The marketing plan can be for a new or an existing product, or service supplied to the market.  This must be agreed with the tutor so that the choice is appropriate and will ensure there is sufficiency of evidence to meet the standards. The plan must cover the different elements listed in the task.

AC4.1 Strategic objectives might include expansion of market share, increased sales, increased profits, and enhanced reputation.  However, they must be appropriate for the chosen product or service.

AC4.2 The learner will relate market segmentation to the selected product or service using relevant demographic, socio-economic or psychographic information to explain the decisions taken.

AC4.3 To conclude the learner will provide a consideration of the factors relevant to the implementation of the plan. This might include an estimation of the required marketing budget, any resourcing requirements, and recommendations of how the implementation for the plan will be monitored and controlled, along with highlighting any possible barriers to implementation.