Human Resource Management Assignment


You have recently been appointed as an intern for the prestigious monthly magazine ‘Global Business News’. You work in the Human Resources Research Section that provides articles on all aspects of HR including what motivates individuals and teams and the links to management strategies in organisations.

Activity 1

As part of your induction to this new role your manager wants you to have a firm understanding of how structure and culture impacts on people in organisations.  She also wishes you to understand the approaches to managing the differences between individuals which impact on their performance in the workplace.

She has informed you that a meeting will take place with her for a discussion on the topics below. In preparation for this meeting you have decided to produce a file which addresses each of the topics listed.  You will present this file to her at the meeting. The file may be used to provide information to new staff so it is important it is written in an appropriate style.

  • An explanation of how organisational structure impacts on people in organisations
  • An analysis of how organisational culture impacts on people in organisations
  • An explanation on how personal differences impact on individuals’ behaviours at work
  • An analysis of the management styles needed to deal with differences in behaviours

Activity  2

Following a successful meeting and on completion of your induction your manager has been very impressed with your work so far.She has asked you to submit a draft article for a special edition of the magazine which is focusing on leadership and HR.  The purpose of this article is to help readers understand the organisational factors that impact on people performance. Your article should include case studies of business leaders and organisations and cover the following points:

  • an analysis of the effect of leadership styles on individuals and teams.
  • an explanation of the benefits of flexible working practices to individuals and organisations.
  • an assessment of how the working environment impacts on people performance; motivational theories should be referenced.
  • an assessment of how an organisation’s ethical practices impact on motivational levels.
  • an evaluation of how organisations use their corporate social responsibility agenda to motivate employees.

Activity  3

Having been in your post for 5 months and recently completed the induction process, the staff induction team has asked you to make a contribution to their programme. They have asked you to provide a presentation for new colleagues, on the different methods for developing human resources. Your presentation should cover the topics below and you should also prepare detailed hand outs, which the team can use.

  • An explanation of how motivational theories can be applied to developing people in organisations
  • An explanation of the different uses of coaching and mentoring in organisations
  • An analysis of the benefits of training and development to individuals and organisations

Activity  4

Your manager has encouraged you to do some work on other aspects of people management in preparation for a series of planned articles.  You should prepare detailed notes on the following:

  • a review of people management strategies used in an organisation
  • an assessment of the impact on people of management strategies used in organisations
  • recommendations for strategies to promote high levels of performance.

Guidelines for assessors

There is no suggested word count for this unit. The assignments submitted by learners must achieve the learning outcomes and meet the standards specified by the assessment criteria for the unit.  The suggested evidence below is how learners can demonstrate that they have met the required standard.

Activity number Suggested evidence
1 The learner must produce a detailed and clearly
written file of information in a style appropriate
for both the line manager and new members of staff.

The file should demonstrate that the learner has an understanding of different structures and cultures in organisations, how they impact on people and how the individuals are managed. There should be an in-depth explanation of how a range of different organisational structures impact on people in organisations. Similarly the learner should analyse a range of different organisational cultures relating these directly to people in the organisations. There should be an in-depth explanation of personal differences and how they impact on behaviour.  The analysis of management styles should be directly related to the personal behaviour. The learner should use current examples to illustrate the points which are made.

2 The learner must produce a magazine article in an appropriate format. The article should be aimed at managers and leaders in HR.
The article should include an analysis of a range of various leadership styles referring to theories and examples as appropriate. There must be a clear and in-depth explanation of different flexible working practices and their benefits to both organisations and individuals.  In order to show their understanding learners should use examples or case studies from business as appropriate.

The article must refer to different motivational theories and make a balanced assessment of the impact of the working environment on performance. In addition in the assessment of the impact of ethical practices on motivation levels, the learner must show a direct link between the two elements. The evaluation must be balanced and using examples the learner needs to show the range of benefits from training to individuals and the range of benefits to organisations.

3 The learner must produce an informative presentation on PowerPoint or similar presentation software. Detailed hand-outs should accompany the presentations. The presentation is for new staff so should be written in an appropriate style.

The presentation and notes should clearly explain, using examples, how a range of different motivation theories can be applied to developing people in organisations. Learners should be able to define coaching and mentoring and provide a detailed explanation of their different uses in organisations. The analysis of the benefits of training and development to individuals and organisations should be detailed and provide balanced arguments in particular between the needs of organisations and individuals.

4 The learner must provide informative notes which demonstrate they are able to review how people are managed within an organisation.
The notes may be used to inform new articles so they must be sufficiently detailed with appropriate examples.

The review of people management strategies should provide information on a range of theories and how they can be applied in an organisation.

Following this review, learners should make a balanced assessment of the impact of people management strategies used by organisations.
When making recommendations to promote high performance, learners should consider a range a different strategies and how they are used by named organisations.