Integrated Marketing Campaign Report Writing

Marketing Communications 44-4845-00L Task Brief 2

Instructions To Students For Submission Of This Coursework
Assessment Task Details:
Using a suitable* organisation/event that you may have discussed and worked on in the seminar activities, you will submit a
report that addresses the following:
(1) A well-structured document that proposes a multi-platform, integrated marketing campaign (IMC) for your
(2) Demonstrate your comprehension of applicability, viability and cohesion for the various methods selected.
(3) Identification and explanation of the connections to the target consumer(s)
(4) Transparency and connection to objectives throughout; with demonstration of ROI as applicable.
(5) Clarification and justification of timelines and costings.
*You should choose a real-life small company that is indicative of your course/sector that you believe would benefit from a
targeted marketing campaign; i.e. new product or service / new location or premises / new audience or brand extension…
You submit your report electronically via Blackboard and it should be 2000 words (+/- 10%) inc. Harvard Referencing
Particular instructions to students:
Task #2 of the module is designed to allow students to develop understanding and knowledge of the opportunities available
across marketing via the lectures, seminars and directed reading with regular formative feedback in the sessions. Seminar
activities provided students with the opportunity to gather information, research, share ideas and receive constructive advice
regarding their progress. Students must ensure that they complete the required reading as this will provide essential
background information that will directly benefit the task #2 report. Slides from the sessions are available on Bb.
Submission requirements
Study Skills Support
Feedback and Feed-forward Strategy and how students can access their Feedback
Students will get a detailed Feedback form that explains why they received their grade they did and will also highlight key
strengths of the assessed presentation and report, indicating areas of improvement. Your feedback will be available via
Blackboard with your grade later in the summer, before you return for next year.

Assessment Task Criteria