Individual Assignment I (Workout Questions): Production And Technology Management Assignment


Assignment Solutions on Production and Technology Management


Answer the following questions using a step-by-step procedure. Include all necessary steps and comments showing all your work throughout the solution.

  1. The Marry-stops new program uses unpaid-helpers to assemble care packages for needy families during the holiday season. The program would like to organize the work as efficiently as possible. A list of tasks, task times, and precedence requirements follows:
Tasks Task time (minute) Immediate follower
A 6 B
B 3 C, D
C 7 E
D 5 E
E 4 F
F 5
  1. If the program wants to complete the care-package every 10 minutes, how many unpaid helpers should be called in?
  2. How many packages can be assembled in a four-hour period? (Considering the data given in a)
  3. Balance the line using large number of flowers as primary rule and the longest task time to breakties.
  4. Calculate the efficiency of the line.
  1. Restore is a small repair shop that makes customized parts for old equipment. All customer orders must be machined first, then polished. Determine a sequence that will minimize the time required to process all six jobs. Chart the schedule on a Gantt chart and indicate the makespan (completion time).


Jobs Machining (hours) Polishing (hours)
A 5 4
B 7 3
C 3 2
D 4 1
E 1 2
F 3 4


  1. The Backpack Company produces a line of backpacks. The manager is planning to use different aggregate planning strategies to handle demand fluctuations. The following table contains relevant information about the company’s capacity and associated costs.

1 2 3 4 5 6 Total
Demand data (units) 6000 4800 7840 5200 6560 3600 34000
Capacity Data
Beginning workforce 210 employees
Beginning inventory 400 units
Labor standard per unit (time to produce each unit) 6 hours
Regular time available per period 160 hours
Cost Data
Regular time labor cost per hour $10
Back order cost per unit per period $20
Holding cost per unit per period $10

Required: Develop and evaluate a level aggregate plan using inventories and back orders.


  1. A quality control inspector at the Crunchy Potato Chip Company has taken five samples (one per day) with four observations each of the volume of bags filled. The data and the computed means are shown in the following table:


SampleNumbers Observations
1 2 3 4
1 23 22 23 24
2 23 21 19 21
3 20 19 20 21
4 18 19 20 19
5 18 20 22 20


If the standard deviation of the operation, from historical data, is known to be 0.2 ounces, use the information in the table to develop control chart with 3-sigma limits for the operation.

  1. Determine the process average, UCL and LCL of the X-chart.
  2. Determine the process average, UCL and the LCL for the R-chart.
  3. Develop an R-chart for this process.
  4. Is the process in control? Explain your answer. (Consider the solution obtained under“c”)