Fundamental Success Drivers For Organisations


1.To survive and win over time, business organisations must gain and sustain advantage over their competitors. Organisations gain competitive advantage by being better than their competitors at doing and delivering valuable things for their customers. This means that to succeed, managers must deliver performance.

Discuss the fundamental success drivers for organisations to gain competitive advantage over their competitors.   ( Total 20 marks)

 2.An effective group decision making can lead to much better decisions than those typically made by individuals. As the proverb says “two heads are better than one.”

Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of group decision making. Explain the requirements for effectively managing group decision making.

 ( Total 20 marks

3.Define ethics and explain why there are disagreements and dilemmas about what a proper ethical behaviour really is. Discuss why right or wrong behaviour has not clearly been identified in an organisation.

Rationalise your answers in detail, with organisational examples. ( Total 20 marks )

4.Contemporary leadership approach comprises charismatic leadership, transformational leadership, authentic leadership and non-traditional leadership.

 (a)Compare and contrast the four types of leadership mentioned above. For each type of leadership provide a real life example of a leader whom you think demonstrates such leadership.  (14 marks)

 (b)Do you think managers can become transformational leaders? Why or why not? Explain your answer.  (6 marks)

  ( Total 20 marks )

5.As a manager, you will have subordinates reporting to you in your daily work. Your team performance depends to a large extent on your workers’ motivation besides their ability, understanding of the job, and access to the necessary resources. One of the most fundamental processes that influence the motivation of all employees is through goal setting.

Elaborate on the motivational aspects of the goal setting theory and how to design goals that motivate. Discuss the limitations of goal setting as a management tool in employee motivation.

( Total / Jumlah: 20 )