Essay Question

Explore the debate occurring on at least two social media platforms about the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine in Australia. Explain the communication you observe reoccurring in this debate between different types of social media users.

Your answer should:

1. Explore the communication of at least two different types of users (e.g. everyday users, politicians, celebrities, law makers, influencers etc.).

2. Include at least five examples of social media communication to illustrate the main types of communication that you observe (e.g. trolling, shaming, aligning/bonding, critiquing, in grouping, out grouping, defaming, etc.).

3. Draw on at least 3 of the following concepts that we have covered in the course: affordances, stories, social norms, connective functions, imagined audiences, context collapse, networked publics, life streaming, self-branding and attention economy.

How many accounts, posts, threads, etc., are enough?

At least five examples in the essay.

What exactly is meant by “patterns of communication”?

Communicative practices that occur over and over again, something that you notice repeatedly occurring rather than just once. Examples are shaming, trolling, debating concepts, sharing stories (you learned story types in week 2), aligning/bonding, critiquing, in grouping, out grouping, defaming, etc.