Assignment Analysis on Advanced Digital Marketing


On completion of this subject, students will be able to:

1. Evaluate the drivers of change

2. Explain the key factors of effective marketing through digital channels

3. Demonstrate an ability to interpret digital consumer interaction to inform business decision making

For this assignment, you are required to identify and analyze an online customers experience and how it relates to a given business. For your analysis, you should include the following elements:

Overview of Experience

1. Provide a brief explanation of your online customer experience.

Key Trends

1. Identify a key trend in online customer experiences that will impact your chosen organization’s marketing approach.

2. Expand on this trend by explaining different ways that the business can improve its online customer interaction in relation to customer expectations.

Digital Marketing Tools

Compare how various digital marketing tools can address customer expectations and leverage the organizations’ capacity to interact with customers. When you identify possible marketing tools, it is not expected that you go into a great deal of depth. The second assessment piece for this subject will expand on this. Simply identify and briefly describe the tools you have come up with.

You may consider the following tools: social media, website creation and analytics (including SEO and pay-per-click ads), content curation (e.g. blogging, multimedia content and advertising), email marketing, or CRM.