Answers To Financial Management Assignment Task 4 Questions


Financial Management Assignment Questions & Answers in Abu Dhabi

Assignment Details:

Words: 700


Answer the following questions:


Bonsall Plc are a manufacturing company who produce components for high performance motorcycles. The product research team have been working on a new lightweight handlebar which they are now proposing to launch. The production and sales teams have supplied the following data to you- Bonsall’s Finance Manager.

Year Sales £’s Fixed costs £’s Variable costs£’s Scrap proceeds£’s
Yr1 250,000 120,000 125,000
Yr2 305,000 125,000 152,500
Yr3 375,000 130,000 187,500
Yr4 475,000 135,000 237,500
Yr5 400,000 140,000 200,000
Yr6 0 0 0 5000

A new machine will be required to produce the handlebar at a cost of £150,000 payable immediately.

After 5 years the sales team forecast that the product will become obsolete and hence the handlebar will be withdrawn from sale. At this point the original machine will be sold for an expected scrap value of £5,000

Bonsall use a discount rate of 10% to appraise new investments. For an investment to be authorised it must meet or exceed the following targets:

  1. NPV- positive at 10% discount rate 2. IRR- 15%
  2. Undiscounted Payback- 3yrs or less


Using the information above for the new project calculate:

  • The undiscounted payback
  • The Net Present Value and
  • The Internal Rate of Return

Considering your answers state whether the project is acceptable.