Advanced Project Logistics Management Assignment Answers For MBA Students


Assignment Detail:-

Words: 800

Supply Chain Disruptions and the Impact on Planning and Delivering Successful Projects

Chapter 2.0 Factors Affecting Supply Chain

2.3 Safety issues or accidents

Chapter 4.0 Measures of Mitigating Supply Chain disruptions on Projects

4.5 Flexible transportation

4.6 Relationship with manufacturers

4.7 Effective Communication of project schedules and deadlines


  1. Word count of each section are up to 200 words.
  2. It has to evaluate critique and discuss the importance of innovation in Logistics and Project Management.
  3. The theoretical idea has to apply to practice via real scenario and live case studies.
  4. Demonstrate a sound understanding of the importance of Logistics and Projects Integration in the development and maintenance of sustainable and global organizations operating in complex market environments.