BSBSTR801 – Assessment Task 1: Project – Lead Innovative Thinking and Practice

Assessment Information

Information about how you should complete this assessment can be found in Appendix A of the Business Works Student User Guide.Refer to the appendix for information on:

·         where this task should be completed

·         how your assessment should be submitted.

Note: You must complete and submit an assessment cover sheet with your work. A template is provided in Appendix B of the Student User Guide. However, if your RTO has provided you with an assessment cover sheet, please ensure that you use that.


Complete the following activities:

  1. Carefully read the following:
This project requires you to understand, lead, support, implement and sustain innovation in your organisation.
Vocational education and training is all about gaining and developing practical skills that are industry relevant and that can help you to succeed in your chosen career. For this reason, we are giving you the choice to base this project on your own business, one you work in or a familiar with, or you can use the case study provided. This will mean that you are applying your knowledge and skills in a relevant, practical and meaningful way to your own situation!
It is important that you are able to access enough information for your chosen business in order to be able to do your assessment. As a minimum this should include:

·         numerical/financial information to establish the financial benefit of pursuing innovation

·         information to monitor and evaluate innovative practices and processes.

You will need to communicate with stakeholders. Your communication may be either directly with actual staff members or fellow students/your assessor can play the roles of relevant people/parties. Communication can be in any appropriate format (e.g., face to face, video conference, email, social media posts) as long as it meets the requirements outlined in the Project Portfolio.

You will be collecting evidence for this unit in a Project Portfolio. The steps you need to take are outlined below.

  1. Preparation
Make sure you are familiar with the organisation you are basing this assessment on and have read through the necessary background information. For the case study business, this is all of the documents included in the Simulation Pack. If it’s your own business or a business where you are working or are familiar with, have your business or case study approved by your assessor.

Complete Page 4 of your Project Portfolio for this unit.

Read through the requirements of Section 1, 2 and 3 of your Project Portfolio.


If you are using the case study, additional information to complete the stepsare contained in the Simulation Pack. If you are using your own organisation, make sure you have the enough information to fulfil the requirements in the Project Portfolio.
  1. Understand innovation in your organisation
Complete Section 1 of your Project Portfolio. To do this, you need to:

·         describe your role in the organisation and explain how your role fits into the organisational structure.

·         research innovation.

·         research, analyse and review the culture of innovation in your organisation.

·         summarise the requirements necessary to lead innovation in your organisation.

·         conduct a cost/benefit analysis of implementing innovation strategies, practices, processes and systems in your organisation.

·         present your work as a written report.

To do your research, you are required to access at least three different sources of information to do research (for example, discussion with stakeholders, internet searches, industry standards, best practice examples etc.

Your written report must use appropriate, clear and concise language suitable to the audience for whom the report is intended. You will be assessed on this.

Make sure you have answered all questions in Section 1.

You are required to attach certain documents as part of your evidence – review the documents you need to attach as outlined in Section 1 of the Project Portfolio.

Submit Section 1 to your assessor.

  1. Lead and support innovation in your organisation
Complete Section 2 of your Project Portfolio. To do this, you need to:

·         assess and explain your personal leadership style.

·         develop and apply at least two strategies to make innovation an integral part of your organisation.

·         establish at least two processes/systems which support innovation and confirm an ongoing awareness of individual and team contributions to innovative thinking and practice.

·         Communicate with at least two stakeholders by using at least two different tools for the communication to:

o     promote and share innovation knowledge

o    introduce and promote creative thinking techniques

o    introduce and promote innovative practices, processes, products and/or services.

Communication can take place in any appropriate format as long as it adheres to the requirements in the Project Portfolio. You must provide at least one resource to support your communication. For example, a weekly team meeting with PowerPoint presentation or an email to stakeholders with an innovation fact sheet attached.
Continue working on Section 2 of your Project Portfolio to:

·         confirm that your organisation values a team approach to communication, consultation and development for innovation.

  1. Implement and sustain innovation in your organisation
Assume that a period of time has passed.
Complete Section 3 of your Project Portfolio. To do this, you need to:

·         monitor at least one system/process established on Section 2 of your Project Portfolio that confirms an ongoing awareness of individual and team contributions to innovative thinking and practice.

Meet with at least two stakeholders to identify issues in the organisation, generate and evaluate possible solutions to the issues, select the most appropriate option to focus on and seek feedback.
This meeting should take 20 minutes. It may take place with actual people who work for/are associated with your chosen organisation. Alternatively, classmates or your assessor may play the role of one or more team members.

This can either be viewed in person by your assessor or you may like to video record the session for your assessor to watch later. Your assessor can provide you with more details at this step. Make sure you follow the instructions below and meet the timeframes allocated. If this session is not viewed in person by your assessor, you will attach proof of the meeting to Section 3 of your Project Portfolio.

As part of this meeting you must demonstrate their ability to:

·         discuss information using language appropriate for the audience

·         use active listening and questioning techniques to encourage discussion and clarify/confirm understanding

·         include critical and creative thinking techniques

·         use inclusive and collaborative techniques to communicate, negotiate and consult effectively

·         actively seek the perspective of others.

You will be assessed on this.

Continue working on Section 3 of your Project Portfolio to:

·         identify, evaluate and manage at least two risks associated with the option you selected as part of your stakeholder meeting.

·         analyse and reflect on your own innovative performance.

·         develop at least one strategy to improve innovation in your organisation.

·         make at least one change to innovative practices in your organisation.

  1. Submit your completed Project Portfolio
Make sure you have completed all sections of your Project Portfolio, answered all questions, provided enough detail as indicated and proofread for spelling and grammar as necessary. Remember to submit all necessary attachments as indicated.

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