ACC6035: Contemporary Issues in Sustainability Accounting Assignment

Assessment 1– Group Project, 50% of the total unit mark
Completing this assignment will help you achieve the following unit learning outcomes:

  1. ULO3 – Demonstrate an effective grasp of the differing concepts surrounding
    sustainability reporting and understand how companies can implement
    corporate sustainability.
  2. ULO4 – Link strategy, accounting and communication for an effective
    sustainability reporting system.

Completing this assignment will demonstrate the following course level outcomes:

  1. CLO3 – Demonstrate effective communication and teamwork skills appropriate to cultural contexts. Including, 3.1: Demonstrate effective written, oral and nonverbal communications skills; and 3.2: Demonstrate effective teamwork skills including the ability to reflect on individual performance
  2. CLO5- Justify decisions and judgements that address a complex accounting
    issue considering the ethical and social consequences

Assessment Overview.

5.1. Examine and assess the intended and unintended impacts on
diverse stakeholders;

5.2. Provide professional opinions or interpretations of accounting matters applying ethical principles, codes of conduct and values.
For this group assessment, students must self-select into teams of three by week three of the semester.
Overall the group assessment totals 50% of the marks for the unit. There are four components to the assessment, with marks allocated for individual and team efforts as follows:

 Group presentation: evaluation based on the individual performance, 10% of
the unit.

  1. Group report: group mark, 10% of the unit.
  2. Meeting logs and evidence of team processes: group mark, 10% of the unit.
  3. Individual reflection: individual mark, 20% of the unit.

You will only receive a common mark as a group for the written report and
evidence of team process. Oral presentation and reflection will be marked
The assignment topics are available on the Blackboard. Please note, each group
needs to develop a meeting log for a record of the progress made in each meeting.
The meeting log needs to be precise and includes the assigned tasks, minutes of the meeting (including on-line meetings), evidence of meeting (photos, screenshots of online communication, etc.), and the deadlines. It is an important record to justify the individual team member’s contribution towards the assignment.

You need to cover the aspects given under the heading of ‘Coverage’ for the topic that is assigned to your group (please see below). Topics will be assigned to groups in class for on-campus students and via online session or e-mails for on-line students.
I. Overview/background information of the industry/sector/context/scenario given
II. Reporting frameworks/standards/legislations relevant to the industry/ sector/
context/ scenario given
III. Current practice of sustainability reporting relating to the area assigned (two
organisations need to be compared)
IV. Issues and challenges of sustainability reporting relating to the area assigned
(may be company specific or generic to the industry)
V. Future prospects for sustainability reporting relating to the area assigned (may
be company specific or generic to the industry)
VI. Conclusion
VII. References (References may include journal articles, newspapers,
organisational reports, textbooks and minimum of 5 references and use APA
7th referencing style and can be found at
Analyse the topic and present your findings in 15 minutes (each group member should present) using PPT slides (audio/video clips are allowed to use but not more than 2 minutes). There will be 5 minutes for the class to ask questions (if any), and the presenting group needs to provide answers as per their understanding. The presentations will take place in weeks 10, 11 and 12 in class for on-campus students, and in week 12 for off-campus students. After the presentations, each presenter needs to upload the group slides individually to the relevant link available on Canvas – Group
Project: Oral Presentation by week 13 (Friday 28/10/22 – for both on and off-campus students).
Thereafter, each group needs to submit the group report and meeting logs as two separate files by week 13 (Friday 28/10/22 – for both on and off-campus students), by uploading the report and meeting logs to the relevant blackboard folders, which are available on Canvas – Group Project: Group Project Report and Group Project –
Group Meeting Logs. For the group project report, the number of pages should not be more than 5 pages – excluding the content page, annexures, and referencing. Use Times New Roman font, size 12, line spacing 1 in preparing the group report. There is no page limit for the meeting logs.
By week 13 (Friday 28/10/22), each student needs to upload a self-reflection report answering the reflection questions available with assignment details. Self-reflection report should not exceed 8 A4 pages. Use Times New Roman font, size 12, line spacing 1 in preparing the self-reflection report. Self-reflection report should be uploaded the relevant blackboard folder, which is available on Canvas – Group Project
– Self Reflection.