Risk Management Activity (CPPDSM4015B) Case Study

Bay view Real Estate Agency was burgled last Saturday evening. The thieves stole the petty cash, four laptops, a television and a 3 Ipads. They also sprayed graffiti on the office walls and damaged the internal doors. The damage wasn’t just to Bay view Realty’s office and assets – the thieves also stole the entire house keys for the sales properties. The clients’ keys were an easy target because they were on hooks on the back. Each set of keys had a tag with the property address written on it for internal identification. Because of this, the thieves were able to target these properties. The company did not have a monitored alarm system so by the time the break-in was discovered the next morning
it was too late to prevent their clients being burgled. A staff member reportedly drove by the office on Sunday but did not notice anything amiss.
Six properties were burgled that weekend. A spokesperson for the agency said that they were unable to determine what else may have been stolen from the agency, as they did not have a register for sales keys and the other assets. He was concerned that more keys to properties may also be missing. Files containing confidential information about t he staff and clients w ere also stolen. The thieves and their ‘ colleagues’ now have information about staff including their addresses and telephone numbers, bank account names/numbers in formation.
All staff have had to change their bank accounts and phone numbers and a number of staff
have installed extra security measures in their homes. After holding a staff meeting on Monday afternoon, the agency has started notifying clients of the incident and, in an attempt to smooth over the problems, offered to change all their locks free of charge.
This wasn’t enough to stop many of the agency’s clients from complaining to Fair Trading and the Agency has been notified that they will be investigated for negligence. Some clients claim they were not notified until Tuesday morning that their keys had been stolen.
Review Case study above and note the identified risks use the template for the