PSYC1052/5172Assessment 2 (Research Comprehension Task)


You are to choose one of the five articles that are available under the ‘assessment 2’ section. After reading the journal article complete the tasks below.

Section 1:

APA reference of the article chosen  
Introduction: Briefly describe the topic of this article. What was the general area of research?
Introduction: What was (a) the main theoretical framework discussed in this paper, and (b) the main knowledge gap authors attempted to address in this study?
Introduction:What were the research question(s) and/or hypotheses explored here?
Method:What was the methodology used in the study? In other words, who took part in the study? What did the participants do (e.g., did they complete any particular tasks or answered any specific self-report surveys)?
Results:What were the main findings of this study?
Discussion: Did the findings support the predictions and/or provide answers to the research questions?
Discussion:How can this study be followed up? For instance, were there any limitations in the current study that can be addressed in future research?
Discussion:What is the take-home message from this study? That is, are there any real-world implications of the findings? What is your overall conclusion?

Section 2:

Study plan: Assignment 2 is submitted at the end of week 5. You will then have five weeks until assignment 4 is due at the end of week 10. These two assignments are related. Using your knowledge of effective study plans up to this point,discuss the plan you have put in place in order to successfully complete assignment 4.
Relevant articles: Identify two peer-reviewed articles relevant to the topic of the article you just reviewed and cite these two papers below in APA format.