Practicum Experience Social and Health Based Assignment Questions and Answers


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Saint pats

  • A quick introduction for those who don’t know who saint pats are, St Patrick’s helps those who are homeless or at risk of being homeless in Fremantle and the wider south west metropolitan region of Perth. Their goal is to serve the community through supportive and quality care to those most in need through services such as emergency relief, housing, meals, welfare, education, recreation and health.Saint pats help people to return to independent living, a safe environment and a better quality of life.
  • So my first prac experience was with saint patricks community centre in freo where myself and other students, participated in a pop-up health expo event with other organisations such as Black swan health, drug aware, AIDs council and a few others.
  • The aim of my group was to assist in delivering exercise to those at st pats shelter. This was done through exercise resistance bands where we demonstrated the exercises and then allowed the participants to perform the exercise for various sets and reps.
  • Participants had to travel around to each stall and gain stamps for participating and the one who gathered the most stamps won a prize.

Autism West

  • Autism west is a non for-profit organisation who aims provides unique, fun opportunities for children, teens & young adults on the autism spectrum to gain life skills & experience, while building friendships.
  • I did some volunteering for autism west at marangaroo family centre in a after school care environment where I interacted with the participants, group leader and other student volunteers in various activities until the end of the session. My main responsibilities where to engage with the participants in various recreation activities such as sport games and arts and crafts, prepare afternoon tea, work together with the other student volunteers and check in with the group leader throughout the session. Mainly to make sure that the participants enjoy themselves and have fun.

Lifestyle solutions – camp to belong

  • Lifestyle Solutions is a member of Camp To Belong who has been implementing and running Camp To Belong Australia camps since 2009.
  • Camp To Belong reunites siblings living in Out Of Home Care who have been separated through the fostering process. This week-long camp gives siblings the opportunity to get to together and nurture their bond in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Camp To Belong, an international non-profit organisation, has been running camps for over 20 years. At Camp To Belong, children took part in a range of outdoor adventures, life-planning exercises and social activities. The camps program is designed to promote positive family contact and provide each sibling with an enjoyable and memorable experience.
  • Majority of the camp took place at woodman point recreation camp and consisted of up to 50 children in sibling groups staying together in a camp facility alongside a team of volunteers and participate in a range of recreational activities.
  • As a camp volunteer I assisted with daily camp activities including games, crafts, flying fox, rock climbing, archery, dodge ball, shirt dying, beach activities, sport games and help create an amazing camp experience for the campers.
  • Some of my responsibilities and duties where:
    1. To create a fun and positive rapport with campers.
    2. Supervise campers during camp activities
    3. Assist in keeping campers focused during each activity.
    4. Lead and manage groups of campers in an orderly, safe manner
    5. Help with safety protocols and camp rules.
    6. Supervise campers during breaks, meals and recreational activities
    7. And other duties that were assigned

Australian Council on Smoking Health (ACOSH)

  • ACOSH is an independent organisation that works with the community, other organisations and governments in the fight against tobacco. Acosh also works closely with the Cancer Council, Heart foundation, department of health, Australian medical association and environmental health wa. Their goal is to significantly reduce the impact and health consequences of smoking by working through advocacy and collaboration to create strategies and reduce the health consequences of smoking. They also aim to limit the tobacco industry’s ability to advertise, promote and sell its products in WA and raise awareness in the community on issues relating to smoking & health in the fight against tobacco.
  • My role with acosh was to observe the smoking signage around childrens playgrounds and the smoking law within 10 metres of childrens playgrounds. I partnered with another student and worked together to discover if there was a difference and whether people are aware of the smoking law around childrens playgrounds. We were comparing the residents that lived south of the river, to the residents who lived north of the river. I created a spreadsheet of the parks in my local council and then went out to these parks to count how many cigarette butts were found within the 10 metre boundary of the playground. I also had to record the available signage and record the lack of signage in the park. But because of covid, this affected my data collection as people where not going out and using the playground equipment, therefore, I couldn’t count and record the present cigarette butts.


  • Link prac experience to social and health inequities that exist in community (Social Determinants Of Health)
  • Link and reflect prac experiences with health promotion models such as (Ottawa charter, Behaviour change models)
  • Link and reflect prac experiences with community development principles (Empowerment, Resilience, Capacity building, Social capital and Partnerships)
  • Provide insight into what was learned during practicum
  • Depth of self-reflection of practicum experience