NURS 2003 Case Study Assessment

NURS2003 Behavioural Perspectives of Lifespan

Students undertaking a nursing, midwifery or paramedicine course at Curtin University studying the unit Behavioural Perspectives of Lifespan are required to conduct a developmental assessment of a child, adolescent, or adult. The purpose of this project is to consolidate students’ knowledge and understanding of human development through its specific application to an individual in the context of their family and community. Students are not able to undertake a professional assessment of the participant’s level of development, or their physical or psychological health as they are not qualified to do so.
The student will need to observe the participant for one hour, interact with the participant for 30 minutes, and interview the participant (or a parent) for 15 – 30 minutes. The time of the assessment will be at the participant, family, and student’s convenience, in the family home, at a workplace, or at an agreed social event.

Your report
Write your report in the style of an academic article using APA (6th ed.) headings, formal paragraphs, 1.5 line spacing throughout (including the reference list), and formal academic English writing in full sentences with correct spelling and grammar. It is not appropriate to write in note form or to use dot-points. It is customary in formal academic writing to use an impersonal writing style (e.g. passive voice and third person). While I suggest you do this when possible, there are times when it is better to use a personal style (e.g. active voice and first person). It is better to say “I” rather than refer to yourself as “the researcher” or “the author”. See the example on page 6. Your writing will need to be precise and concise. The report is limited to 2000 words (10% over the word limit is acceptable), excluding in-text references, the reference list, and appendices. A Word document is required. It is important that you do not attach pdf files or other scanned documents as these will make it run slowly in Blackboard.

It is suggested that you use the following headings and word limits for each section:
Title page (including name and student id)
Contents page
Introduction (100 words)
Background Information (100 words)
Biological Factors (500 words)
Psychological Factors (500 words)
Social Factors (500 words)
Predictions for Next Five Years (200 words)
Conclusion Findings (100 words)

NURS2003 Case Study Marking and Feedback Rubric