Healthcare Case Study Assignment – Task Guidelines



Identify and research one or more major information security breaches in a healthcare setting. If you are doing only one, ensure it is from an Australian context, if you are looking at multiple incidents, ensure at least one is from an Australian context. Last year’s Medibank breach would be an interesting case study, but before you select the one, please ensure you have access to enough material to address the criteria below.
Include a description of the information security breach(es), together with a review of the cause(s) and what was and/or could be done to prevent a recurrence of the same or similar breach. You may struggle to find peer-reviewed academic papers on this subject, so broader web research could be necessary, just ensure you avoid biased sources. Looking at what could be done provides an excellent opportunity for you to connect the learnings from this unit with real-world data breaches.
Present your findings as a 2500-word case study (+/- 10%) and be sure to include a critical analysis of what your research uncovered. Focus on a document that flows and makes sense to someone with no material understanding of the subject matter. In-text references are included in the word count, the reference list is not.

Report Guidelines:

Your case study should follow the School of Population Health guide to assignment presentation, including a contents page, appropriate academic references (APA 7th edition), student declaration and cover page, main title, introduction, subheadings, and a conclusion. Remember to think critically and read widely. Do not forget to reference correctly and include a reference list to ensure the academic integrity of your work!

Report Layout:

The following is a guide as to how you could present your case study; however, you do not need to follow this exactly.
The cover page and student declaration
Table of contents
Main body with sub-headings