320557 Enabling Enterprise Information Systems Assignment Answers


Abstract on Medicare Project Report

This project mainly focused on providing medical facilities to people who are stuck in this pandemic situation. Normally when a person wants to see a doctor, they must go to the doctor’s office and take an appointment this process can take hours and is also dangerous because of Covid-19. In this project we are providing a web application/site to help people book an appointment from inside their homes. Which will help in saving a lot of time by not waiting at doctor’s office and help people be safe from Covid-19.


The most important thing in a person’s life is its health and this pandemic situation due to Covid-19 consulting to a doctor is a very time consuming and dangerous. In this project we will build a web application which will help users connect to their doctors and take an appointment without having to go to doctor’s office. This online system will enable users to take appointment from the doctors from their personal computers which will help them save time from going to doctor’s office and wait and also be safe from the Covid-19 by staying inside.

This will help the doctors to care less about the cost of maintenance at their office. On this website we can do paid promotions of Pharmaceutical companies which will help generate revenue and people will prefer doctors on this platform more for ease of use.


The methodology of this project is shown by lotus blossom diagram and empathy mapping.

List of Processes Applied to Create This Web Service

  • Used empathy map to figure out the pros and cons of this idea
  • Followed lotus blossom technique to list the problems and variable to work on.
  • Downloaded the Subline text editor.
  • Used HTML and CSS to create the prototype of the website


This project will help users who wants to consult to a doctor but are stuck at home due to Covid-19. In this web-based project user will be able to book appointment with their doctors online without having to do to their doctor’s office. Which will help them save time and be safe at home. And with this platform we can attract pharmaceutical companies for paid promotions of their medicines which will make a profitable revenue.

Recommendation and Implementation

  • The users will have a platform for online appointment setting which will help them save time and be safe at home in this pandemic.
  • The doctors can have an online system that will help them manage records with ease and attract more patients.
  • The doctors can use this web application to do paid promotion for pharmaceutical companies and earn online.