China Project In Environmental Affiliation Assignment Answer



Can China be a source of original research and genuine innovation and produce indigenous world class companies within the next decade?


            According to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF), China is the world’s second country with the highest GDP after the United States. China introduced policies in 2006, for sustainable economic growth and it wants to change its economy from Made in China to Innovated in China. The promotion of indigenous innovation is the center of the future Chinese economic reforms and has a great control on medium term economic development plan. China has integrated, combined existing technologies in a new way of innovation, it has also assimilated and made improvements to imported technologies innovation (Zhang & Li, 2010). China also subjected the “National medium and Long-term Program for Scientific and Technological Development” in 2006, which focused on changing China into an Innovative society. It us also evident that not only can china be able to have quality and genuine research, but it can also have one of the best innovation considered as well as genuine ones. It is clear that the country has challenges when it comes to plagiarism of project and innovations as well as research, but it is like other countries as well.


Original Research

            Today, the chances of getting an original research is 30%. It is not to China alone, but also to other countries as well. Previous research undertaken from China has shown that the country is not ready to support quality and original research for the next decade because researchers are just building on previous research to undertake their own. This is now considered as replication of research hence an issue of original research. There are various ways that needs to be considered in order to make China become the hub of original research as it used to be in the past. The government is now supporting quality and original research, it has established commissions of research to ensure that the above is done and to offer the country the best of the research needed in the country. Much has been said about the quality of research from the country, but not the nation has laws in place that govern the quality of the same and offer original research (Zhang & Li, 2010). Besides, the government has come up with measure to ensure that there is elaborate accountability on the funds used in research. This is one of the reasons why I can state that original research is yet to be obtained in China in the coming decade just because of the efforts that the government is having to get it done.


Genuine Innovation

            There are measure that are being incorporated in the country innovation and technology related ministries that are intended to make research genuine and very original as possible. Measure have to be in place to ensure that the best is done to make sure that the quality of research is okay and to be an original as possible. It is clear that the country over the past decade has had issues with the quality of innovation, this is considered as one of the concerns that needed to be addressed in order to support the efforts for the coming decade. There should not be any fake innovation in the country in the next 10 years, this is an assurance made by the country in order to make sure that the nation meets innovation standards.  Therefore, with respect to the measure that the country is playing or using, it is ideal that the next decade will be one with genuine innovation.


Production of indigenous world class companies

Companies are being generated in the country in all means possible. This is one of the reasons why it has be stated that in the next decade the country will be the eve of the above companies. Since the country has the best laws and regulations to ensure the above, it is ideal to support the idea that the company will not only be of world class standards but also indigenous in nature. However, the value of the same has to be protected by the government.



It is ideal to note that the next decade will be one that China will be able to get companies that are not only world class in nature but also indigenous, it will also produce genuine innovation and original research.


Will China’s environmental degradation continue and ultimately derail its growth? What are some steps China is taking to solve its environmental challenges?



            Such as the world is facing environmental problems, this can also be told of China. The country is being faced with environmental issues as a result of globalization and industrialization. It is clear that the country is ready to keep up with changes that is taking place and to make sure that it is able to keep up with the environmental issues in place (Zhang et al,. 2010). Much has been discussed about the quality of measures that the country is taking in order to reduce the rate at which the country is facing with respect to environmental issues. With the high population in the country, there has been problems that the nation is facing with respect to water, soil, land and sound pollution. The below paragraphs will denote the steps or the solutions being taken by the country to improve its environmental protection and maintenance.


Enforcement of Environmental Laws

            The country has come up with laws that protects the nation from environmental issues. The nation has had problems in the past that originate from use of chemicals that are considered as unprotected to the environment as well as companies have been emitting a lot of fumes that are considered unhealthy and uncontrolled with respect to environmental issues in place. The degradation of the environment has been noted to be caused by chemical fumes from companies. As such, the country has developed laws and regulations protecting the country from such issues. This is one of the ways that the country has made sure that it is able to keep up with best measure aimed at protecting the environment.


Environmental Education

The country has included course in schools in order to inform the coming generation as well as the current about the importance of environmental protection among other issues that can be used to protect the environment at all costs. It is clear that children once they get to know the importance of the above, they are able to ensure that the environment is protected as all costs. Since the inception of environmental education in schools, colleges and universities, there has been improvement in environmental protection by 40% (Cheng & Hu, 2010). This is one of the measures that has had more than 100% impact towards the efforts of the countries environmental degradation efforts.  There are several other measure in place that the country is using in order to beef up environmental skills and knowledge. This via advocacy on the same theme or subject. The country via various advertisement agencies, is able to make sure that the people are aware of the measure that needs to be taken in order to change the current protection efforts for the country. The ability to keep up with the right information as well as content, is ideal for the survival of the country environmental issues (Cheng & Hu, 2010).


Support of International Environmental Laws and Regulations

This is one of the best measures or solution that China is applying in order to reduce the rate of degradation that it is currently facing. The world stage is there to support measures that can be able to reduce global warming among other issues. This is the same with China. It is in support for the international measure to protect the environment.  As a result, the country is able to keep its environment safe as the international laws act as a guide to many other contemporary measures of protecting the environment (Zhang et al,. 2010).



            It can be concluded that China’s environmental degradation is not able to derail its growth. There are measure that are in place to ensure that the environment is protected at all costs. Hence this can be considered as the measure why it is stated the degradation cannot affect the growth of china at all costs or all ways. However, the steps have to be improved in order to improve the efforts towards protection of the environment. China is a country that supports environmental laws, a reason why environmental challenges cannot affect its growth.