Business Plan for Online on time Supermarket store Assignment Sample

Business Plan for Online on time Supermarket store:

Online on time supermarket store is the new store that is under consideration in this business plan.  Therefore this business plan considers various factors such as value proposition, execution, collaboration, equity growth, business valuation, goals and objective and identification of key drivers.

  1. Competition:

The key players in the super market business are Carrefour, Geant, Lulu and various others. Therefore efforts are made to develop a business plan that could fight back the competition and brand image set by these companies.

  1. Online selling business portal:

Online selling business portal is therefore developed which has the facility for the buyers to make enquiry, get delivery and make cash payment on delivery. This way the customer can place order from the comfort of the home or office, wasting no time in travelling.

  1. Hiring professionals:

Professionals will be hired for warehouse and delivery system. Therefore only the most deserving candidates will be kept on the job. The target warehouse will be kept spacious, lighted and well equipped with appropriate machines. Also the delivery team will be consisting of hardworking and committed professionals.

  1. Call center services:

The call center services will be allocated to the business so that the customers could place order at any time and get the required support from the company professionals.

  1. Software for purchase:

The best available software consisting of all the required features will be purchased. Also the team will be trained and educated for using the software most efficiently.

  1. Project cash flow statement, balance sheet and sales forecast:

The development of project cash flow statement, balance sheet and sales forecast will give an estimated view of what we expect from the business.

  1. Marketing:

Proper marketing of the online business needs to be done. For this purpose market analysis will be made and customer segementation will be done on deciding the products and services that could be added. Secondly the business participants will be decided by fixing the website marketing strategy and making development as per the requirements. Therefor strategy and implementation the SWOT analysis will be done to achieved competitive edge advantage and apply sales strategy after achieving sales forecast as basics.

Hence a sincere effort will be made to start a customer friendly and committed business of online super market selling.