Work Experience Statement for NER Australia

National Engineering Register (NER) is designed for the Engineers to showcase their talents and competency level to the engineering field and people. It is created by the Engineers Australia so that the professionals can able to highlight themselves and their work experience to the world. The person who registers himself in NER Australia will be identified as a Professional Engineer by the public. His qualifications, works, skills and expertise will be accessible by everyone, and with this, he can be easily iderntified by employers and clients — Thats why most of the experienced Engineers and trying hard to register and maintain their position in NER Australia. For this, you have to make Work Experience Statement with no plagiarism.

Eligibility Criteria for NER Registration

To register in the National Engineering Register, one needs to have certain eligibilities which are provided by the Engineers Australia.

Some of the requirements are:

  • The registrant should have relevant qualification and experience. Their ethical behaviour will also be concerned, and he/she should have to maintain their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) statement.
  • PI insurance beneficiary is also necessary.
  • While talking about the experience, the registrant should have at least five years of experience in the past seven years.
  • Also, the registrants need to pay a registration fee of approximately AU$505 for regular applicants and AU$335 for members of Engineers Australia.
  • An annual NER renewal fee of AU$97 will be requested, and this will be invoiced to the registrant. This is an approximate amount, and it may slightly vary.

NER Assessment Process at Engineers Australia (EA)

First, we need to know who are all can able to register in NER. Engineers who have five years of relevant experience in the past seven years can apply for registration. Also, the Chartered members of Engineers Australia in all categories and members of Engineers Australia in all occupational groups. The first step for the registration process is providing a work experience statement. The second step is submitting a comment for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). The third step is the nomination of Professional referees for reference. The fourth step is to satisfy the requirements of PI insurance benefit that is a self-assessment of PI, and the final step is Personal Interview. This is the process to apply for Work Experience Statement (WES) for NER registration. Also, the registrant has the authority to cancel their certification from the National Engineering Registration anytime they want. Moreover, Engineers Australia also has the right to cancel anyone’s registration if they fail to pay a fee or found any unethical activities.

What is Work Experience Statement for National Engineering Register Australia?

This is the first step involved in applying for NER registration. All the other steps can be fulfilled by the applicant’s works, liability, interests and skills. The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) statement is the second step, and it is necessary for the registrant to have at least 150 hours of CPD. That means he should spend at least one fifty hours in attending seminars, conferences or presenting papers in them. This will help the engineer to know about the updates in the field and will help in upgrading themselves and adaptation to the community. So this can be easily manageable by his works. However, a work experience statement is the document in which a candidate can easily explain themselves to Engineers Australia.

How to Write a Statement of Work Experience for NER Engineers Australia?

There are specific tips taken into consideration before writing a work experience statement for National Engineering Register. Here are some tips: writing the report in chronological order, explaining recent experiences, writing about the critical achievements and responsibilities, methods of solving problems and long past positions can be mentioned shortly in the end. These tips will give some real advantage for a work experience statement. Suggesting past position titles with accurate dates and properly saying the employer details is also a huge perk. Expressing the skills and knowledge used and attained through experience is a notable factor. , this is yourself you are showing off to the world, and you can mention all your skills and achievements here to shine off.

The nomination of Professional referees:

The applicant should have to nominate two professional referees for reference. The Engineers Australia contact them for verification employing a phone call. The referees could be your client, mentor, supervisor or an employee, and they must have known you for at least twelve months. They should have an engineering degree with at least five years of experience in your relevant area. Current and previous employees are more preferable, and the referee cannot be a friend. 

The applicant should have to mention the following about their referees:

  • Title
  • Name
  • Surname
  • Organisation
  • Position
  • Professional relationship
  • Phone
  • Mobile
  • Address
  • Email

All these should be mentioned, and it should be true to your knowledge. The EA for sure contact them for verification, and so it should be accurate.

PI and Personal interview:

The applicants need to satisfy the PI insurance benefit and their ability to maintain it. PI insurance availability can be check with the employer. This takes place after verifying with the applicant’s professional referees. This is the method, and initially, it will take nearly four weeks and further time depends upon the information required from the applicant. 

What information will be on the NER Engineers Australia?

The applicant’s given a name, surname, post-nominals of membership of Engineers Australia, occupational category, area of practice, and if relevant contact details. Mainly it shows off the skill set of a applicant, and regarding the personal information, the applicant has full authority to mention it or not.

For Engineers Australia CDR Skills Assessment

Benefits of Getting NER Membership
  • Engineers who are registered in NER have more opportunities than others. Employers who need professional engineers can easily find one based on their competency level through NER.
  • The clients/public also have access to NER, and they can able to choose an engineer of their preference, and this widens the opportunity for each NER registrant engineer.
  • Engineers who would like to have a successful career can use such extensive opportunities and make use of it for the betterment of the community and themselves.