Career Episode Report Engineers Australia

If CDR is the key for migrating to Australia, the three career episode reports are the components of the key to making it open the doors of Australia.  It portrays the individual skill of an aspiring engineer who wants to migrate to Australia for the engineering profession. The career episodes are the backbone of CDR to be approved by the EA (Engineers Australia). It should be on par with the Australian standard of academic education for their approval for a successful engineering career in Australia.

What are the contents for engineering career episode reports?

The three career episode report should demonstrate the engineering skills obtained through experience. Since the story is enough with its approval for the post-graduation or any other higher qualification, it is solely based on the skills established in the Career Episode Report.  So it should have enough individual skills in three stories to convince the EA for its approval.

Career Episodes Reports Should Contain the Following:

  • Each of the reports should be focused on one project or a particular period of proving the skills.
  • The engineering skills obtained by experience should give a crystal clear picture of the individuality of the aspiring engineer rather than that of the project or the group activities
  • All the career episode reports should have a specific target and should explain in detail the individual skill used to complete the project in one or many ways.
  • Also, one of the career episode reports should establish the problem-solving abilities of the aspiring engineer. The problem which was faced by the aspiring engineer should be given in detail along with how he/she dealt with individual engineering skills.
  • One of the projects should have been completed within three years of submitting the CDR and another within five years.
  • The reports can also be of one theme or idea which was developed by the aspiring engineer into a project of future use.
  • The individual skills applied for the successful completion of the project should be elaborately detailed in the reports.

The above contents are crucial for all the three Career Episode Report for any CDR to be successfully approved by the EA.

Occupation Categories

The three reports should be by the occupation category applied for in the CDR.  There are four occupation categories for the approval of EA to migrate to Australia. They include:

  • Professional Engineers
  • Engineering Technologists
  • Engineering Associates
  • Engineering Managers

It is pertinent to write the three reports as per the competencies specified for each of the categories to avoid rejection.  The skills portrayed should be specific to the competency elements mentioned under each of the occupation categories.

Career Episode Report Example/Samples/Format

There are four essential sections for all CEs, each of which has to be written within 1000 – 2500 words which include:

  1. Introduction:

The first section of a CE is the introduction. It should be around 100 words. It should be brief and include the following facts:

  • The duration along with dates of starting and ending of a project undertaken during the education or career
  • Name of the organization for which the project was conducted
  • Location of the project
  • The position of the aspiring engineer at the time of the project
    1. Background of the Projects:

The second part is the background of the project.  It should be written in 200 to 500 words.  It should include, among others, the following facts:

  • The objectives of the project
  • The nature of the overall engineering project
  • The quality of the work area the project was executed
  • The organogram or the Organization chart which shows the particular position of the aspiring engineer in the project
  • About the official duty statement or the job description
  1. Engineering Activity:

It is the third and vital part of the CES.  It should be from 500 to 1000 words. The particulars to be mentioned here will be crucial for the approval of EA which includes:

  • The specified role of the aspiring engineer in the team for the project
  • The engineering tasks assigned and the individual ways and means to accomplish them
  • The particular engineering skills applied during the project
  • Team co-ordination by the applicant in detail to demonstrate how the applicant coordinated with the team
  • The strategies employed during the project for its successful completion
  • Mention the difficulties and challenges that occurred during the project and the individual innovative methods applied by the applicant to solve them
  • Any original or creative design work done individually by the applicant
  1. Summary Statement For CDR Report Australia:

It is the concluding last part of the CE, which is written in 50 to 100 words.  It should contain the following:

  • To briefly mention the overall impression of the project or the engineering activity of the applicant engineer
  • It is pertinent to indicate whether the project met its goals and objectives or not
  • If there was any praise by the authorities for the project
  • Without fail it is relevant to include the individual contribution to the project in the summary
  • The best way to write the career episodes for CDRs is to get professional help for its instant approval to start a bright career in Australia.

How to Select Three Projects to Make Three Career Episodes in CDR Australia?

The competency elements specified by the EA should be weaved into the Career Episode Report in a proper way to get their approval.  The major part is to choose the topic as per their competency elements. Then elaborate the career-related experiences by the competency elements mentioned by EA.  The questions can be selected from the following skills exhibited during the experiences:

  • Anyone of the engineering projects, workshops, and tech fests attended or participated during the education period.
  • A plan worked during the career
  • From the duty particulars of a particular position occupied during the profession. Instead of stating the responsibilities or the team achievements, the topic should be of a specific issue where the problem-solving skills of the aspiring individual could be portrayed.
  • A particular problem of engineering encountered during the career and the individual ability used to solve it.
  • Working experience project

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