Career Episode Report Aeronautical Engineer

Writing CEs (Career Episodes) for such a lucrative job of an aeronautical engineer in Australia needs a lot of skill and experience.

  • The CEs have to be written from 1000 to 2500 words.
  • It should have an introduction of 100 words, the background of 200 to 500 words and the engineering activity or the backbone of CEs in 500 to 1000 words and finally the summary in 100 words.
  • It is pertinent to decide the topic first for the three CEs separately.
  • Two should be of establishing the projects, and one should be of the problem-solving skills of the aspiring aeronautical engineer.
  • Out of the four sections of the CEs the most important is that of the engineering activity.

Engineering activity

The aspiring aeronautical engineer should be crystal clear in writing this part of the CEs. It should specially mention the role of the engineer in the said project.  The tasks assigned to the engineer and the innovative individual skills applied to solve them are crucial for EA.  Also, the engineering skills should be by the job occupation mentioned in the Anzsco codes 233911 and even in the job category applied. Whatever the skills portrayed here should be supported with enough evidence.

How to Select Three Projects for Career Episode for CDR Australia?

The critical aspect is to choose the subject of the three CEs according to the specifications of the EA in the particular Anzsco codes. The theme of a specific CE should be elaborated with the application of individual skills in the said project in the background, and specified in summary.

Aeronautical engineering profession deals with the Research and design and operations of aircraft and spacecraft.  Writing the three career episode reports first need the topics.  The following are some of the sample topics upon which the aspiring aeronautical engineer could choose or could take issues from his/her projects done during the academic career or the working experience.

Some of the sample topics include:

  • Design & manufacturing of Cellular Lattice structure of Gyroid type
  • Design of Custom Engine Mount
  • Development & characterization of plastic/wood composite

Responsibilities of the Aeronautical Engineer (233911) in Australia:

The following are the job responsibilities of an aeronautical engineer in Australia.

  • Ability to design aircraft, aircraft components, and support equipment
  • Examining aircraft controls, stability, and other flight conditions and characteristics in laboratory
  • Ability to analyze and solve problems coming out of experiments for meeting the operation conditions
  • To study airframes under stress conditions
  • Supervising the following:
  1.  Installation of engines
  2.  Assembly of airframes
  3.  Installation of instruments and other equipment

The CEs of the CDRs are crucial for approvals from EA to get a dream career of an aeronautical engineer in Australia with all the benefits with it.

Writing Career Episode Reports for Aeronautical Engineering

It is better to have the EA list of competencies with you while writing the career episode.  It will help in identifying the competency elements with the career span to choose the right topic and elaborate on it.  It will be crucial to produce evidence for the topics and engineering activity portrayed in the CEs. It will also help to stick to the details and facts which are the experiences and could get the approval of the EA without any doubt.

  • Keep the CEs within the specified word count mentioned above.
  • Unnecessary inclusion of technical terms should be avoided altogether. Use the first person in the singular in an active voice like ‘I did this’, and “I did that’.
  • Do not use tables, calculations or photos which make your CEs more of technical than telling about the engineering skills and problems solved which make the EA believe without a doubt.
  • The CEs have to be written in Australian English and not include American English anywhere in the reports.
  • Using samples is good to get ideas but be aware of plagiarism which will get your CDRs rejected in the first place
  • Mention of awards, titles and any other form of recognition should be included without fail with evidence
  • Also, recognition of your skills by authorities will be highly appreciated by the EA
  • The individual problem-solving skills should be given prominence for quick approval by EA
  • The EA insists the CEs should be numbered in the SS format. Hence all the three CEs should be numbered as 1.1, 1.2,1.3… and 2.1,2.2,2.3… and 3.1,3.2,3.3 ..
What is the average salary ?

Australia, with the best environment to work for anyone in the world, is also offering fantastic salary packages for aeronautical engineers in Australia. The average pay for an hour of work for an aeronautical engineer in Australia is around 77 Australian dollars.  It could go to a high of 135 dollars with experience.

Life of Aeronautical Engineers in Australia:

The most coveted job of an aeronautical engineer in Australia has its attractive benefits. Apart from working in heaven on earth, Australia, there are numerous benefits of being an aeronautical engineer in Australia. The salary which is paid for every hour of working is the best in the world. Also, there are additional bonuses and profit sharing for the engineers.  Hence the Anzsco code 233911 for aeronautical engineering is the magic number for any aeronautical engineer to apply for migration to Australia.

“Aviation is the branch of engineering that is least forgiving of mistakes”. Freeman Dyson

Aeronautical engineering is not only a sturdy branch of engineering but the most rewarding and fun-filled one. It gives wings to anyone’s imagination, and it is for those who believe in nothing is impossible.  An aeronautical engineer job in Australia is a dream comes true. It is the fantasy of many aspiring aeronautical engineers around the world. The good news is for such aeronautical engineers is that due to the development in the aviation industry, the Australian professions in aeronautical engineering is on the rise.

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