ACS RPL Assessment

ACS RPL is the document that makes the informal sector of ICT to the formal area in Australia.  With the rapid pace of even the Australian Government work now digitalized, the requirement of ICT professionals is growing more in Australia.  Hence the RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) is gaining momentum for approval by ACS Australia.  It is the Government recognized body to approve ICT professionals from across the world with a lack of ICT academic qualifications. ACS RPL skills Assessment is the way for an impressive ICT career in Australia for many experienced ICT professionals from around the world.

ACS comprises of more than 45,000 members now and 1500 certified professionals.  It is the authorized governing body of the Australian Government to approve the submitted RPLs for migrations skills assessment.  Only with approval from ACS, any software engineer from across the globe can have a dream career in Australia.

What are the ACS requirements for approval of RPL?

RPL should envisage the skills of the aspiring software engineer as per the lack of academic qualification.

  • It should be on par with the higher education of ICT as per Australian academic standards.
  • The skills displayed should be fit enough for that level to be approved by ACS.
  • Since ACS comprises of the best software minds in Australia, all care should be taken into account while writing the RPL.
  • The guidelines of ACS have to be strictly followed for its approval. The skills should be substantiated with enough evidence for its support.

How to do ACS RPL Assessment Successfully?


It is one of the biggest hurdles for any software engineer to write an ACS RPL report. Knowingly or unknowingly if any plagiarism occurs in the report in any area of it, it will be immediately rejected. Also, the cost applying will not be refunded.  It is one factor which the ACS is 100 % strict and makes no compromise on it. They have the best plagiarism checking software to find out even the minimum percentage of plagiarism.  It could be from published or from previous reports, either way, it will get rejected if detected of plagiarism.  Hence utmost care is crucial to write without plagiarism and check it before submitting to ACS.

ACS Anzsco Codes

ACS is keen on the Anzsco codes for all types of ICT jobs. There are hundreds of Anzsco codes for each group of software engineering.  Moreover, the RPL should be in line with the Anzsco codes. It is pertinent to select the right Anzsco code for the right skill possessed by the aspiring engineer. The applicant can utilize the search facility of the Anzsco codes by the Australian authorities. Once the applicant finds the correct code for his skill, he can select the system for its definition, guidelines, and specifications. Portraying the skills in the reports as per the requirements of the Anzsco codes for approval from ACS Australia will make you success.

  • For experienced engineers in the software field, it is pertinent to have specific years of experience that are relevant to the nominated occupation of the ANZSCO code. According to the background, there are two categories of applying via RPL, which include:
  • Aspiring experienced software engineers who lack proper academic ICT degree qualifications need a minimum of 6 years of experience. It should be substantiated with evidence as a professional ICT employee in a relevant field to the nominated ANZSCO code.
  • Applicants without tertiary qualifications need an additional two years of experience amounting to a total of 8 years of experience. However, only six years’ experience need to be on par with the ANZSCO code and the other two years need not be compliant with it.

Points to Remember While Writing RPL for ACS Australia for Australian PR

To get the Australian PR or permanent residency, the following parameters are considered by ACS skill assessment for approval.

  • Network topologies which include the installation facility’s size, distribution, and security
  • Process contributions involving the design and also the implementation of enterprise-wide computer systems
  • Project management along with all the followed quality assurance techniques
  • Employing management techniques and even database or file design
  • Database interactivity along with security measure in implementing internet application design
  • Research methodologies which are used for system analysis, and design
  • Procedures adopted for design along with necessary programming languages for them

How to Fill The ACS RPL Project Form?

Apart from filling in the name, email ID, and date of birth, there are two vital sections which need to be showcased in the right way for approval.  The two parts include:

Key Areas of Knowledge

It is pertinent to fill as many fields of education as possible in this first section. All should portray the right skills relevant to the ANZSCO code needs and specifications. The skills should be on par with the Australian academic ICT qualifications.

In the critical areas of knowledge, there are two parts which include:

  1. Essential core ICT knowledge
  2. General ICT knowledge

In this, the first one has two main topics and the second one three topics with 3 to 5 sup topics. The aspiring engineer should select minimum one question from each part and also should include two subtopics from them.  The skilled engineer should mention the issues in the box followed by the sub-topics and should write app0roximately half a page for each subtopic.

ACS RPL Project Reports

The second section of RPL is the project reports.  There should be two projects or engagements explained in the project reports.  One should be within 3 of writing the RPL and the other within five years of it.  The two projects should be in line with the topics selected in the first section i.e., and the key area of knowledge.  It should be explanatory of the skills in the issues by their successful implementation as projects.

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